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Breath support is perhaps the most important part of singing.

It is mandatory to fill the bottom of your lungs: this means your ribcage and shoulders should not move when you breathe, but your stomach should protrude (stick out). If you feel you don't understand or simply cannot breathe that way, try breathing while lying flat on your back; the bottom of your lungs will fill naturally.

Once you've learned to breathe properly, inhale as much air as you can and push with your diaphragm to sing. RELAX YOUR THROAT! Never put very much pressure on your throat while singing because this leads to vocal fatigue.

If you follow the breath support suggestions, you should be able to hold notes for several seconds more than by employing any other method.

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2012-08-15 18:20:51
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Q: How do you sing and hold long notes?
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Why do singers hold their stomach when they sing?

they do it because that's where they can hold notes, when they tighten their stomach to sing higher

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the black notes that tell you how long you have to hold the note for or what note you have to play

What notes does an alto sing?

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How many octaves can you sing in if you can sing 21 notes?

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How do you know what notes to sing if you are a soprano?

Any singer, including sopranos, reads the notes from their sheet of music. Sometines, the notes are all memorized, and they sing the notes from memory.

What are songs to sing for adutitions and with and untrained voice?

the best songs to sing are the ones that you know you can sing well. if you know that you can't hit high notes then chose a song that doesn't have high notes in it. but if you know you can sing high notes, go for it!

How do you hold long notes on tuba?

buzz longer and take big breaths


when you learn the notes you sig than that is very important because that is how you will know when you have to sing high or low so notes when you sing are very important.

Can most people sing high notes or low notes?

people can sing both high and low notes like Katy perry or Justin bieber for examples

Is there a difference between a trained or practiced voice?

do you mean with singing because if you do yes because if you are trained your breath control is better and you can hold notes longer also over time your voice will improve because it has been trained and it will become easy to sing big notes that's would be hard to sing with an untrained voice however some people are just naturals and will be able to sing high and big notes with no training.

What is the difference between second soprano and first soprano?

Second Soprano: Should be able to hit notes close to a high c. Sing higher then the altos. Have a sweet voice, altos usually have low talking voices. First Soprano: Are to hit the highest notes above a high c. Should be able to sing and hold high notes.

You cant hit high notes when you sing what should you do?

Not sing cause you probably suck

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