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4 feet off the ground

Or at least above your toes.

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2011-10-07 10:51:40
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Q: How high should you mount a TV on a bedroom wall?
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How high do I mount a 50 inch plasma tv on a bedroom wall?

Use a professionally made mounting bracket and a very good handyman or carpenter. These things are HEAVY.

How do you remove a flat screen tv from a wall mount?

Every wall mount is different. You should not unscrew the bolts that connect the TV chassis to the mount until it has been removed from the wall. If it is a large TV (40" +), have someone else help you. Some mounts use a bar system, some use a hook system. If you can find a model and make on the mount, check out the website of the manufacturer for installation instructions.

Screw size for 32 sony bravia wall mount?

The screw size for the Sony Bravia wall mount is 6X16 MM.

Do you have to center flat screen wall mount with wall studs?

The better you can mount a flat screen TV, the better for your TV. Hitting the wall studs is always a preferred choice. Just hanging a set through the dry wall or plaster is inviting a catastrophe later. ---- NO. The wall mount TV bracket does not need to be centered on a stud. Wall mount TV brackets are designed to allow you to install the TV just about anywhere on the wall of your choice. There are many mounting holes on these brackets so even if your bracket is not centered with a stud, you should still be able to hit a stud or two with the holes provided on your mount. If you live in the Connecticut area, Streamline Home Theaters can properly mount your tv bracket and conceil all your wires inside the wall at a very reasonable price check out their website for details

How does one hang a wall mount for 32 inch LED TVs?

To hang a wall mount for a HD TV, the first thing to do is to secure the mount plate to the back of the TV. Next is to find your wall studs and figure out the placing for the wall mount template. Once the template is in place, you can drill your guide holes according to the template. Follow the template instructions to finish installing the wall mount. All that is left, is to align the tongue and groove on the front of the wall mount and the back of the mounting plate. Attatch a few screws at the bottom to hold them together and then the installation is complete.

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How high should you mount a 32 lcd tv on a bedroom wall?

4ft from the floor to the bottom of the tv.

How high should one mount a wall mount coat rack?

A wall mount coat rack should be at least 70 inches off the floor. Which means that if you look straight at it you will be facing the middle of the coats and not the top of the coat rack.

How high do I mount a 50 inch plasma tv on a bedroom wall?

Use a professionally made mounting bracket and a very good handyman or carpenter. These things are HEAVY.

How high should you mount a 50 in tv on a game room wall?

The middle of the screen should be just below eye level when you are seated.

Can you give me a sentence for pennant?

My old high school pennant still hangs on my bedroom wall.

Where is fuse box for 1985 Heritage motorhome?

In the Master Bedroom on the wall . In the Master Bedroom on the wall .

Can I get English directions for a wall mount on the computer?

Yes.They should come included with the wall mount you buy.WIthout knowing what you have we can only guess that you use the included hardware to secure it to the wall.

Can i mount the Bose 301 v speaker on a high wall?

Yes. Its called WB-3 kind of wall mount. You can buy it on ebay for the cheapest price based on my research.

What is the best way to mount a wall cabinet?

It is best to have a professional mount your wall cabinets. If you are doing it yourself then you should get the proper instructions from a hardware store or online.

Behind The Bedroom Wall?

A book!

How does the safety of a ceiling mount television compare to a wall mount?

The safety of a ceiling mount is about the same as the safety of a wall mounted television. However, one should always remember that duo to force of gravity a ceiling mount is weaker.

What size screw is needed to attach TV to a wall mount?

The wall mount should come with the appropriate screws - if not, take it back and ask the seller for the appropriate screws.

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