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Square Dancing

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Square dancing

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Q: In what type of dancing does a cuer call out moves?
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In the sea What is a spanish dancer?

well, a spanish dancer is a type of fish. it is called the spanish dancer because when it moves it looks like it is "dancing".

What does a choreographer do?

The one for dancing sets up routines for dance moves. You can choreograph any type of exercise. The Dallas cheerleaders have a choreographer for their routines.

What strong against graveler in soul silver?

Graveler is a ground and rock type pokemon, its weak against grass type moves, water type moves, steel type moves, ground type moves and ice type moves.

What is lapras' weakness?

Lapras is a Water and Ice type Pokemon so Electric type moves, Fighting type moves, Rock type moves and Grass type moves will be super effective.

What is the song called on the movie Booty Call when they are dancing in the bar?

The song is called Booty Call, by Blackstreet

What type is super effective against flying type?

flying type are weak against electric type moves,ice type moves,and rock type moves

What type of dancing does george Sampson like to do?

Street Dancing :)

Is professional dancing a type of dancing?

no. a professional dancer is someone who is a PROFESSIONAL in a type of dance, therefore it is not one set type of dance

What beats gost poke'mon?

ghost pokemon Fire Type Moves... Ice Type Moves... Electric Moves... Just do not use... Normal and Fighting Type Moves....

What type of Pokemon are good against fire type?

Ground type moves, rock type moves and water type moves are super-effective against fire type pokemon.

Is hip hop dancing the same as break dancing?

Actually, breakdancing is a part of hip hop dancing. Breakdancing involves flips and other moves requiring muscle strength and intense balance like flips and crickets, while hip hop dancing is a more general type of dance that includes breakdancing and popping, where you dance with your arms and legs while standing the whole time.

What moves are super effective against ice Pokemon?

Grass type moves and ground type moves.