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No tanks

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In a out as e kiss

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Q: What did the electric car say when asked if it needed gas?
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The purpose of testing hardware prior to installing operating system?

The purpose of testing the hardware is very important before you install the operating system because is to make sure if your computer can handle the operating system with having any problems; like for example, slowing down, and constantly freezing up. Having the right hardware makes everything run smoothly and doing your tasks on the computer with ease. It is like putting premium lead into a unleaded gas tank of a car, the car won't be able to handle and may cause problems.

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man who is having gas problems explains to his doctor that every time he farts it sounds like Honda. The doctor does an examination and finds nothing wrong with the man. As a last resort he looks into the patient's mouth and finally spots the problem. "I'm sorry, you'll have to go to a dentist for your problem." So the man goes to see his dentist. After a quick exam, the dentist announces that the man has an abscess. "No problem, I'll have you fit and without your embarrassing problem in a jiffy," says the dentist. Sure enough, the man's problem disappears and he no longer makes farts that sound like a Honda. The next week the man calls up the dentist and thanks him for all he's done for him. But before he hangs up he asks the dentist how he knew the problem was caused by an abscess. The dentist replies, "It's easy. Everyone knows that an abscess makes the fart go Honda.

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What is an eletric car?

A electric car is a car that only uses electric instead of gas.

Can all electric cars use gas?

There are no internal combustion engine parts in a electric car. The Electric car will not use gas but electricity from batteries.

Why did the gas car win over the electric?

The gas car won over the electric model because of its higher power output. Gas is much cheaper and efficient than comparable electric engines.

Which is better gas cars or electric car?

Better for What?

What is a car called that doesnt run on gas?


When did electric cars come out?

2011 ford came out with the first gas and electric car

Electric Vehicle Motors?

Electric vehicles combine a duel power source to move the vehicle. They combine a gas engine with an electrical motor. The engine works by using the electrical motor to assists that gas engine when it is needed. For example, when coasting, a normal car would use gas to power itself. But in an electric vehicle, the electrical motor is used in this instance because the gas is not needed, rather the electrical engine is used to power the vehicle and save gas.

What is the difference between electric cars and gas power?

With gas power, gasoline is a fuel which burns inside an internal combustion engine, producing power to move the car. With an electric car, an electric battery generates electricity which is used to operate an electric motor which moves the car.

Do you save gas by using the electric car and if you do how?

no electric cars do not save gas but if u ride a cow around it will not cost anything.

Why is the electric battery for a car important?

because the car doesn't need to keep refilling on gas instead it is chargable and the car will not have to give of pollution(gas)

What RC car is better electric or gas?

gas is faster and better but costs way more

How do you have cars not use gas?

dont use your car or get an electric one!

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