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The purpose of process control block diagram is to make the process fast and accurate. It guides an engineer to achieve the target in time

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Q: What is the Purpose of process control block diagram?
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What is process control block in operating system?

All of the information needed to keep track of a process when switching is kept in a data package called process control block.s A PCB is a data structure in the operating system kernel containing the information needed to manage a particular process. The PCB is the manifestation of a process in an operating system,

What is the function of process control block?

A process in an operating system is represented by a data structure known as a process control block (PCB) or process descriptor. The PCB contains important information about the specific process includingThe current state of the process i.e., whether it is ready, running, waiting, or whatever.Unique identification of the process in order to track "which is which" information.A pointer to parent process.Similarly, a pointer to child process (if it exists).The priority of process (a part of CPU scheduling information).Pointers to locate memory of processes.A register save area.The processor it is running on.The PCB is a certain store that allows the operating systems to locate key information about a process. Thus, the PCB is the data structure that defines a process to the operating systems.

What are the steps performed by an operating system to create a new process?

1. Assign a unique process identifier to the new process.2. Allocate space for the process.3. Initialize the process control block.4. Set the appropriate linkages.5. Create or expand other data structures.

What are supervisory and control functions of an Operating Systems?

1. Accept user requests and provide their resource requirements 2. Creates process and destroy them when they are no longer required 3. Control the progress of each process. That is, each logically enabled process makes progress and no process can block indefinitely the execution of other processes 4. Allocate hardware and software resources 5. Acts on exceptional conditions such as divided by zero etc. 6. Provides security, protection and access control of information 7. Maintain inter process communication and synchronization 8. Maintain statistics of resource usages and policies so that the system can be fine tuned for improve performance.

What are the typical elements of a process image?

User data: Modifiable part of user space. May include program data, user stack area, and programs that may be modified.User program: The instructions to be executed.System Stack: Each process has one or more LIFO stacks associated with it. Used to store parameters and calling addresses for procedure and system calls.Process control Block (PCB): Info needed by the OS to control processes.

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