What roles did Shakespeare play?

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The ghost

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Q: What roles did Shakespeare play?
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Related questions

Who play in Shakespeare's roles and why?

Actors inevitably play the roles in Shakespeare's plays, although some roles nowadays are played by actresses. Sometimes these are professional actors who earn their money this way, and sometimes they are amateurs who have a different day job. Either way, people who are not in interested in acting rarely play Shakespeare's roles (or indeed any roles).

Who played all the women roles in shakespeare play?


Which role did shakespeare play in Julius Caesar?

We do not know. There is very little information about what roles Shakespeare played.

What was true for those who watched a play at the Globe Theatre during Shakespeare's day?

The thing that is most true for someone watching a play in Shakespeare's day has to do with gender differences. Someone watching a play at the Globe Theater in Shakespeare's day will notice that all roles are played by males. This includes female roles.

Who played Shakespeare's roles and why?

Actors played all of Shakespeare's roles, because they were trained in acting.

What was Shakespeare's favorite role to play?

His favorite role to play was the role of a king. It was said that he favoured "kingly roles" by one of his contemporaries.

Did boys play the roles of women and children in Shakespeare's plays?

Yes, women weren't allowed to act.

Were woman allowed to performe shakespeare play when he was live?

No, women's roles were played by young boys, although at times women would dress up as men to be allowed to play women's roles!

Did shakespeare play the part of a woman?

Probably not. All of the roles he played that we know of were men. It was said by a contemporary that he "favoured kingly roles", not queenly ones. The actors who did female impersonation were generally specialists at that art, but Shakespeare was not one of them.

Did men play all the parts in Romeo and Juliet?

In Shakespeare's time yes, all roles were played by men.

What role did Shakespeare play in the company known as chamberlain's men?

He had three roles. He was an investor, an actor, and the house playwright.

What role did Shakespeare play in his plays?

We don't have much information about which roles which actors played in Shakespeare's day. Sometimes the printed copy of a play gives the name of the actor instead of the character, which helps. In one of the quartos of Romeo and Juliet the lines for Peter are marked as being for "Kemp" which tells us that Will Kempe played Peter. Unfortunately, we have no such slipup to help us with Shakespeare's roles. There is a legend that he played the Ghost in Hamlet. A contemporary said that Shakespeare favoured "kingly roles".

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