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Q: Who was caught taking bribes from the Sardians in Julius Caesar?
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Who was caught taking bribes from the Sardians?

Lucius Cassius. A contemporary of Julius Caesar.

Did the killers of Julius Caesar get caught?

No I don't think so they don't because the government asked the killers to kill Julius Caesar. However all the killers of Julius Caesar did get caught, although for a few it took a longer time that it did for the punishment of the main conspirators.

Was Alexander the great kidnapped by pirates?

No. Julius Caesar was - and he REALLY made them pay when he caught up with them after he was ransomed!

How did Augustus Julius Caesar die?

Augustus Caesar died as they say of "natural causes" . He caught a chill and developed a fever, which, judging from the description of the ancient writer, Seutonius, was probably pneumonia.

What things does Cassius tell brutus that are critical of Caesar?

In "Julius Caesar," Cassius tells Brutus that he does not consider Caesar to be either superior of he or Brutus. He says that Caesar showed great weakness when he caught a fever in Spain, and when Caesar challenged him to a race in raging waters, he ended up having to rescue Caesar.

What is your opinion for Antony's funeral speech in Julius Caesar?

Marc Antony was a skilled orator, and his funeral speech, made supposedly as a tribute to Julius Caesar subtly encouraged the people to be with angry with Brutus and the other conspirators. The audience caught on, and Rome revolted as a result. Octavian (later called Augustus) became the next Caesar or emperor, so the murder of Caesar did no good at all.

What is a consequence is the Congress person is caught accepting bribes?

Bribes are illegal so they would be called before a special committee and asked to resign. They are also facing criminal charges.

Why did they kill Caesar's son?

Julius Caesar had no son, officially. Cleopatra claimed that her son, Caesarion, was fathered by Julius Caesar, but Caesar never accepted this. All we have is Cleopatra's word on it. He was killed because he was king of Egypt (co-ruler with his mother), never surrendered to the Romans and was caught trying to escape to India with a caravan of loot. If he had made it to India, he could have raised an army and caused all sorts of trouble on the borders, in an effort to recover his kingdom. These are facts that many historians and history books ignore.

Who in rome may have viewed expansion in rome negatively during ceasars rule?

If you are referring to Julius Caesar, there was no Roman expansion during his five years of rule. Rome, instead, was caught up in civil war during most o those five years. Julius Caesar conquered Gaul before he became the ruler. The people who had a negative view of this were his political opponents. They thought that Caesar did this to gain political prestige through the glamour of victory and to pay off his enormous debts through the spoils of war.

What happened to the Barbary coursairs after Julius Caesar attacked them?

Julius Caesar led a Roman naval team against pirates who were impeding trade in the Mediterranean. When he caught them he had them crucified. "Barbary Corsairs" refers to pirates based in Algeria who were active in the Mediterranean and as far the waters round the British Isles in the 17th century - 1600 years later than JC. The US Marine song that refers to the "shores of Tripoli" is about the western naval effort to finally stop these pirates in the 18th century.

Why were Julius Caesars military tactics so important?

The overall reason that Julius Caesar's military tactics were important is because they worked. Caesar was known for his rapid movements which many times caught the enemy by surprise. In addition to the basic Roman military battle formations of the straight line, oblique, crescent, wedge, hollow square., etc., he also made good use of the "axes" type of tactic. This was a move in which the line could turn to either protect a flank or to carry the battle in another direction.

Why did Calpurnia ask Caesar to not go to the Senate?

Calpurnia probbably knew about Brutus' plan to attack and murder Caesar and tried to tell him, without being caught by Brutus' men (had he been caught grassing they would have killed him). But because of Caesar's strong will, determination and, some would say, stupidity, he brushed the comment aside. consequently he was killed horribly.

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