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It illustrates that it is possible to have a great amount of voltage and a small amount of potential energy.

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Q: A charged balloon illustrates that something can have?
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A charged balloon illustrates that something can have what type of voltage and energy?

A great amount of voltage and a small potential energy.

A balloon will stick to a wooden wall if the balloon is charged?

either negatively or positively charged.

How might you use a balloon with a negative charge to find out whether the charge on another balloon is positive or negative?

If you move a negatively-charged balloon close to another balloon, if it moves towards the first balloon, it is positively-charged. If it moves away, it is negatively charged.

Why a charged balloon does notattract a person's hair if the balloon is far from person's head?

The electric Field repels it but the positively charged balloon is attracted to the negatively charged hair. (opposites attract)

What will happen to the positively charged balloon ad a soft drink can?

The positively charged balloon and a soft drink can will pull negatively charged objects towards them

Will a balloon attract an aluminum can when charged?


What will happen to the electrons in a neutral object if a negatively charged balloon is brought near the object?

The electrons are repelled by the negatively charged balloon.

How rubbing the balloon on your hair and your hair will stick onto the balloon?

because she her hair was the negative charged into the balloon which it caused it to stick to the balloon....does that answer your question...

A balloon becomes negatively charged when rubbed against someone's sleevehow does it becomes charged?

Friction from rubbing the balloon on a sleeve creates static electricy,therefore the balloon becomes negatively charged.

Why would a charged balloon be attracted to the charged glass rod?

Due to electrostatic induction

Does a negatively charged balloon stick to a wooden wall?


Why the charged balloon wiill be attracted to the charged glass rod?

If charge on the balloon is induced due to the charge of the glass rod then there will be opposite charge and so balloon gets attracted by the rod. Unlike charges do attract each other