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Q: A force is not path-dependent and does not change the overall mechanical energy of an object?
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How can mechanical energy change into chemical energy?

when your moving water what does mechanical energy change to

The function of a generator is to change? to change electrical energy into mechanical energy.

Can heat energy change into mechanical energy?

It will still be heat energy, but it can be converted to mechanical energy

An electric motor uses an electromagnet to change?

electrical to mechanical

Is mechanical energy is transferred when a basketball player shoots?

There is a transformation involved between potential and kinetic energy. Mechanical energy is involved in overall process.

How do you change energy to electricity?

mechanical energy !

What is the potential energy change to when the flood gates of a dam open?

Stored mechanical energy to mechanical energy

What type of energy do motors change electrical energy into?

Most electric motors change electrical energy into rotational mechanical energy. A few electric motors change electrical energy into linear mechanical energy.

How do you change heat energy to electrical?

mechanical energy !

Can heat energy can change to mechanical energy?


Can electrical energy change into mechanical energy?

Yes, and its one of the most efficient ways to get mechanical energy at 95%.

What does chemical energy change into when you move?

it turns into mechanical energy