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If it is an ammeter designed for DC (direct current) like you have in a car and you connect it in an AC (alternating current) circuit (like you have in your home) it will read zero, even though it is obvious that current is flowing.

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In a properly balanced split phase system, the power supplied by one hot leg is equal to the power supplied by the other hot leg. Kirchoff's current law states that the sum of the currents at a node is zero. This means that the two hot legs balance each other, and there is no power being supplied or consumed by the neutral leg. This is the ideal situation. If you read a current on the neutral leg, you should try to move loads from one hot leg to the other to attempt to balance the load between legs. This maximizes the efficiency of the transformer, because any significant imbalance represents higher current in one winding versus the other winding.

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Q: An ammeter when connected to wire does not show any value of currentwhy?
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