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The density of molten copper at 1200 0C is near 7,898 g/cm3. An empirical formula is: d (g/cm3) = 9,077 - 8,006.10-4 T (in K)

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Q: Density of molten copper at 1200 C?
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What is the silicate mineral with the lowest melting temperature?

All the silicates are molten at about 1200°C and all are solid when cooled to about 600°C.

How hot is a volcanoes lava?

Molten lava near the surface can reach 1200 deg. C, or 2200 deg. F.

At which heat does copper burn?

copper's melting point is 1,083°C and its boiling point is 2,595°C just for fun A coin is usually, made of copper or a copper alloy. But the question was what temperature does it burn at - I'd like to know too - when copper is molten it's surface emits a blue flame, which is presumably burning copper, this happens as soon as it melts.

Why(I need to put this to ask a question) Copper shot has a mass of 55.0 grams occupying 6.14 mL at 25 C. These variables create copper's _____ as 8.96 g/mL.?


How hot is molten rock?

Depending on the type and chemistry of the rocks involved, lava temperatures could range from approximately 1200 F to 2300 F (700 C to 1300 C), of course, in some parts of the mantle, rocks gets a lot hotter.

How hot is 1200 C in Fahrenheit?

1200 Celsius = 2192 Fahrenheit .

At what temperature does water have its lowest density?

Water has its maximum density at 4 degree C. If you cool or heat water from 4 degree C, the density will decrease. Minimum density will be at 0 C if you are cooling it from 4 C. Minimum density will be at 100 C if you are heating it.

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Calculate copper losses at 75c?

Copper Loss at 75 C = Copper Loss at Ambient Temperature C * (310/(235+Ambient Temperature C))

What is the melting point of peridot?

1200 c

How many grams of copper could be heated from 20 oC to 75 oC if 1200 calories are applied to it?

The mass of copper is 240 g.Use the following formula:q = m x c x DeltaT,where:q is energy, m is mass, c is specific heat capacity, and DeltaT is the change in temperature.DeltaT = Tfinal-TinititalKnownq = 1200 calcCu = 0.0923 cal/g.oCTinitial = 20oCTfinal = 75oCDeltaT = 75oC - 20oC = 55oCUnknownmass of copperSolutionRearrange the equation q = m x c x DeltaT to isolate m. Plug in the known values and solve.m = q/(c x DeltaT)m = 1200/(0.0923 x 55) = 240 g (rounded to two significant figures)

What is the current carrying capacity of a 50mm x 50mm and of 10mm hole is made and cast iron molten metal is poured?

Assumed as a single copper busbar and not considering the length: @ 30°C = 1403 Amps. @ 35°C = 1355 Amps. @ 40°C = 1306 Amps. @ 45°C = 1255 Amps.

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