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Q: Does an electric grill use conduction convection or radiation?
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How does heat from a barbecue transfer to the burgers?

Answer #1:Heat transfers from a barbecue grill to your hamburgers mostly by convection.Heat tends to rise and the hamburgers are above the fire. There may also beheat in the form of radiation, and the transfer of heat by direct contact with thefire (conduction).===========================Answer #2:Heat transfers from a barbecue grill to your hamburgers mostly by radiation.When you say "Heat tends to rise ...", what you really mean is that a pocket ofhot fluid surrounded by a colder bunch of the same fluid will rise through thefluid. That's certainly true of the air in the barbie, but the amount of heat that aircan carry is relatively small in that situation. If you had to wait around for theburgers to cook by convection, your guests would be sending out for pizza longbefore the beef was ready.

Why is gas used for cooking?

They use it to cook steaks on a gas grill. But if you a charcoal grill it has more flavor.

What is more powerful a 3KW electric kettle or a 10000W electric cooker?

10,000W is more powerful as 1KW = 1,000W. However, that is with EVERYTHING switched on, on the cooker - all element's, grill and oven - also a single element on a cooker is NOT likely to be more than about 1,500W (1.5KW) so therefore a kettle would be a lot more powerful for boiling water for example, be more energy efficent for that, and do it a lot faster.

What renewable energy source is used to power solar powered barbecue grill?

what renewable energy source is used to power solar powered barbecue grill

How many gallons of propane in the tank for grill?

who give a toss

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Why does heat from a grill travel to the food through radiation and not conduction or convection?

Although some of the cooking in a grill is baking or roasting, the nature of grilling is radiation. To demonstrate that, put metal between your heat source and the meat and it will cook differently.

Is slices of tender meat grilled under an electric grill conduction?

radiation because there is no fire to make gas, and there is no contact between the grill and the meat, infact, the heat is tranfered using no particles. it must be radiation

What type of radiation does an electric cooker grill have?

I think its infrared radiation.

What are the heat transfer from a pot on a metal grill heated over a campfire?

You will have heat transfer to the pot by radiation from the hot coals and by a combination of conduction and convection as the hot gasses of the fire rise to the pot. You might also have some slight heating by conduction from the metal grill to the pot; the grill gets heated the same way as the pot by radiation and flames but may be slightly warmer than the pot since it is closer to the coals and lies between the flames and parts of the pot resting on it. The total heat transfer from the grill to the pot is probably minimal. We would hope that the contents of the pot get heated by the walls of the pot - by conduction and, if they are fluid, convection.

Is slices of tender meat grilled under an electric grill a conduction?

No it is radiation because ................ oh idunno it just is u ve all gt brains dummies!

Is tender meat cooked by radiation?

Yes, tender meat is cooked by radiation. Radiation leaves an object in the form of waves. The heat from an electrical grill travels to the slices of tender meat through radiation. The radiant heat is directed from above or from below. Food to be cooked is cooked on a grill, a grill pan or a griddle. Heat can also be transferred through convection or through conduction Conduction is where the particles vibrate more than they already are, from one end I hope this was help for your science homework or for your own benefit :D

What type of radiation does electric cooker grill have?

I think its infrared radiation.

How did the heat move from the burger to the cheese?

A process of conduction and radiation. Conduction of the heat from the cooked patty and the radiant heat of the grill or broiler.

If you cooked meat under an electric grill would it be radiation?


Is grilling a radiation?

A grill that cooks meat gives off electromagnetic radiation, both visible and infra-red. Some of the cooking is also done by convection.

What is the meaning of Grill and Convection in microwave?

Convection is just normal hotair and grill i have no clue

What is the difference between microwave with grill and convection microwave oven?

A convection microwave uses the fan to move the air like your big convection oven underneath the gas stove/electric range. You can bake and roast using the convection feature. A microwave with a grill has the electric rod on the microwave ceiling. I am myself not aware of the application differences and am searching for it. However, I know for sure that neither are replacement for toaster.

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