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No, that is caused by burning coal and producing sulfur dioxide

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Q: Does nuclear power cause acid rain?
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Are nuclear power plants the primarily cause of acid rain?


Does nuclear power produce acid rain?


How does nuclear radiation cause acid rain?

It doesn't!

Is nuclear fission responsible for causing acid rain?

No, nuclear fission is not responsible for causing acid rain. Nuclear power plants produce heat, but not the atmospheric contaminants that are the causes of acid rain. It is sulfur, which is present in small quantities in fossil fuels (like coal and oil) that is the precursor to acid rain.

What are two types of energy that do not cause acid rain?

Wind, solar, nuclear, tidal, geothermal...

What industries are the cause of acid rain?

coal fired power staitions

Which problem is associated with the debate about nuclear power of chernobly?

Acid rain is the answer because radioactive energy is released into the air causing air pollution, which causes acid rain.

What human activities cause acid rain?

Power plants, exaust of cars.

How can you describe the origin of acid rain?

it comes from the sky which nuclear power plants could of possiably done

Does nuclear fission cause acid rain?

Not when up and running. But the installation of a nuclear powerplant will - like almost all human activities - contribute a bit to acid rain as it requires factory production and transportation using fossil fuels.

What gas emitted by power stations causes acid rain?

Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emitted by the power station cause acid rain. On combination with the atmosphere, they form sulfuric acid, nitric acid and sulfurous acid which results in the formation of rain that contains acidic components.

How does mining cause acid rain?

Mining itself does not cause acid rain. However, sometimes what is mined (eg Coal) can be used as a fuel which will cause acid rain.

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