Does pressure change affect velocity

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Yes, it can.

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Q: Does pressure change affect velocity
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Does high velocity affect rate of change of velocity?

No. The rate of change of an object's velocity depends only on the forces acting on it.

Why a change in speed of the rover might not effect its velocity?

Either a change in speed or direction, or both, will affect its velocity. If there is a change in speed, then the rover's velocity has changed.

What three things affect the frequency of a sound wave?

Velocity, temperature and pressure.

How does air resistance affect an egg dop?

it affects it by air pressure velocity

The velocity of sound in air is independent of change in what variable?

The velocity of sound in air is independent of change of the atmospheric pressure, but is really dependent on the temperature.

Can atmospheric pressure affect an object's velocity?

Yes. It's called "drag" and "friction".

Why does velocity of water change with depth?

The primary change is of pressure, increasing at 1 Bar per 10 metres of depth; but in the oceans, the temperature and salinity also alter in subtle ways.

How velocity of an object can affect its work?

work is the product of force and displacement As velocity is rate of change of displacement, so yes, velocity does effect work.

Does the Magnitude of a charge affect the velocity of body?

That depends on the exact situation. If there is an interaction with other charges, this can cause the object to acceleration (basically, change its velocity), and the greater the object's charge, the faster its velocity will change.

Is it possible to have a constant mass and variable velocity?

Yes it happens all the time. Any force will change the velocity but will not affect the mass.

How does altitude affect phase change?

The change in pressure is highly affected by altitude.

How velocity is related to pressure?

It has a relationship. There must be a change in velocity over a period of time to have/create a force. f=ma If there is no change in velocity, meaning the acceleration is zero, then there's no force i.e. f = (50kg)(0m/s^2) = 0 N or kg*m/s^2