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Volcanic eruptions and comets both contributed to bringing water and other gases to Earth's surface creating the atmosphere. Volcanic products created nutrient rich soils for plants to grow and if the comets were large enough, they could create large enough indentations for lakes and oceans to form.

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They outgassed water vapor and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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Q: How did volcanic eruptions and comets change early earth?
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How did early Earth become supplied with water?

Volcanic eruptions

The gases in Earth's early atmosphere came from what?

Volcanic eruptions

Earth's early atmosphere was formed by gases released by oceans plants cornet impacts or volcanic eruptions?

Volcanic eruptions, they produced a lot of carbon dioxide which made up the early atmosphere.

What was responsible for supplying the early earth from water?

Volcanic eruptions (apex)

What is the gases in earth's early atmosphere are inferred to have come primarily from?

Volcanic eruptions

Is there any kind of early warning of volcanic eruption?

Yes, there is early warning before most volcanic eruptions. The primary sign is small earthquakes or land tremors and shakes near the volcano.

What can be done to protect people from volcanic eruptions?

Installation of monitoring systems can give early alarms to allow people to evacuate.

How have these geologic activities shaped the earth?

Because of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, violent storms, and floods in Earth's early history.

Why do they call the maria's sea if the is no water on the moon?

Early observers thought that the darkened areas on the Moon resembled seas. The maria were caused by volcanic eruptions over millions of years.

Where did Earth's water come from?

Most likely from Comets from the Ort cloud (actually comets may have been prevalent throughout the Solar System early on then relegated to the Ort cloud by the solar wind) smashing into earth during its development. But you can't discount Volcanic action either. TommyTrouble

Were there only volcanoes in the beginning of Earth?

No. Earth has had volcanoes through its entire history. Even in modern times there are several dozen volcanic eruptions every year. However, Earth saw much more volcanic activity in it early years than it does today, as the interior of the planet was hotter.

How did climate change kill all the dinosaurs?

It is not certain that climate change killed the dinosaurs. It is likely that several factors combined. Temperatures though rose by around 10°C between the Early and Middle Cretacious Period. This could have been caused by a huge asteroid impact. It could also have been caused by extreme volcanic eruptions in the area of India and Pakistan. There was great climate change in the Late Cretacious Period. Continental movement and volcanic eruptions made many changes. Sea levels fell and tropical vegetation was replaced by woodlands. If the vegetarian dinosaurs' food supply failed, then the food chain would affect the meat eaters too.