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Photons are electromagnetic radiation that propagate at the speed of light (c, approximately 3*10^8m/s) and have both a wave and a particle nature.

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Q: How do photons travel?
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Do ultraviolet photons travel at with a greather speed than yellow photons?

No. All photons travel at the speed of light.

How do photons travel outward from a light bulb?

Photons travel outward from a light bulb in all directions.

Photons travel outward from a light bulb in?

Photons travel outward from a light bulb in all directions

Photons travel outward from a light source in?

the photons travel outward from a light source in all directions.

Do photons have weight?

No, photons do not have weight. Photons are particles, made pure out of energy, which travel at the speed of sound.

Photons in sun travel is a straight path on the way?

Photons do travel in a straight path. To a person observing the photons though they will appear to be curved because of the gravitational field.

What happens to photons if you just click a flashlight on and off once do photons decay or travel indefinitely?

If they have room to travel (e.g., you shine the flashlight towards the sky), they can travel on indefinitely.

How fast do photons travel?

Photons, our word for the properties of light that make it seem particle-like, are massless and travel about 186,000 miles per hour in a vacuum.

How are photons accelerated?

Photons travel at the speed of 3 x 108m/s and nothing in the universe can't cross this limit. So, photons also can not be accelerated.

How does light travel in vacum?

Light travels in a vacuum as waves of photons. They do not need a medium in which to travel.

How does electricity travel in a vacuum?

Electricity can travel through a vacuum by physically transporting electrons and photons.

Is light matter and energy?

Light is composed of photons that travel in a beam. Photons are regarded to have no mass. In conclusion, light is energy - not matter.

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