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Depends on the liquid, and how much you have, and how accurately you want to measure it. In general, for normal amounts of a liquid, you can measure it accurately enough with a graduated cylinder. If you are certain what liquid it is, or if you have a LOT of it, you weigh it, because you know (or can look up) the density of the liquid.

For example, if you're talking about an airliner, we measure fuel in pounds. We don't need to know how much fuel to the nearest ounce; to the nearest couple of hundred pounds is close enough.

In medical use, we generally use a graduated cylinder, or for medicines themselves, graduated syringes - or sometimes, in drops.

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graduated cylinder

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I use a measuring jug.

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Q: How do you accurately measure a liquid?
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What equipment do you use to accurately measure liquid?

a gratuated cylinder in which you measure the volume of a liquid(volume same as mass)

How is Graduated cylinder used in science?

to accurately measure a liquid ;)

What is used for beaker?

to hold (usually liquid) in and measure them (not accurately)

How do you accurately measure volume of a liquid?

Use a volumetric flask.

What are the function of pipette in laboratory?

three main functions: to accurately measure a volume of a liquid to accurately measure the amount of volume of a liquid required to add into a another liquid for a specific results to apply a a liquid to another liquid drop by drop for maximum efficiency

What does A Graduated Cylinder used for?

It is used primarily to accurately measure liquid volume. It can also be used to measure solid volume by liquid displacement.

What is the pupose of a burette?

A burette is used to very accurately measure liquid volumes.

What is the uses of graduated measuring cups?

The use is to accurately measure small amounts of liquids and powders

What is the function of measuring spoon?

It is used to measurean amount of ingredients,liquid or dry when cooking.

What decimal position can you measure accurately using a thermometer?

using a thermometer u can measure accurately at 1 decimal place

Which would be best to measure 12.6 mL of liquid ethanol?

To accurately measure 12.6 mL of liquid ethanol, it would be best to use a graduated cylinder or a syringe with a volume capacity of at least 15 mL. These instruments are designed to measure liquid volumes with higher precision compared to other common household measuring tools like cups or spoons.

How do you accurately measure the diameter of the seat post on your Trek Soho S?

Remove the seat post from the frame and measure the bottom accurately with calipers.