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mass doesnt equal volume, so unanswerable!

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Approximately 2tonne

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Q: How many tons of soil in 9 cubic meters?
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What is the abbreviation for cubic metric tons?

There is no such thing as a "cubic ton". You can have cubic meters, but not cubic tons.

How many cubic meters make 10tons?

Cubic meters of what?Cubic meters are a measure of volume whereas tons are a measure of weight.Weight and volume are related by the density of the substance.

How many ton is 0.11 cubic meter?

0.11 cubic meters of what? The weight in tons of 0.11 cubic meters will depend upon the substance and its density.

How many cubic meters is 40 tons of Road base?


How many tons are in 46 cubic meters of ore?

The answer will depend on what metal the ore contains.

How many cubic meters in 12.5 tons?

Depends on tonnes of what? At 1 tonne per cubic mtere you would have 12.5 cubic metres.

Can someone help you convert 1270 cubic meters to tons?

Cubic meter is a unit of volume and ton is unit of weight. You are asking how many tons does 1270 cubic meters of something weigh, but you do not say what that something is. For example 1270 cubic meters of air would weigh much less than the same amount of iron .I will tell you that 1270 metes of waters weighs 1341.99402 tons .

How many tons is 2944 cubic yards of yard waste?

It depends what kind of waste it is. A cubic yard of soil is aprox. 1 ton.

Convert 2.66 tons per cubic meters into tons per cubic feet?

2.66 tonnes per cubic meter = about 0.075 tonnes per cubic foot.

Is 2 tons equal to 5 cubic meters?

It could be with a material of the correct density. 2 tons = 4000 pounds = 1814 kg. Divide by 5 cubic meters. So if you have a density of 362.8 kg/m3 = 0.3628 g/cm3 then 5 cubic meters would have a mass of 2 tons.

How do you convert cubic feet of rock to tons?

How to convert cubic meters to tons of armour rock with 2.7 specific

Can you convert cubic meters of concrete into tons of ballast and cement?

2.7 t