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Approximately 2,700 pounds on average.

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Q: How much does a 1 cubic yard of lava rocks weight?
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How many bags of rocks in 12.25 cubic feet?

The number of bags of rocks in 12.25 cubic feet will depend on the size and weight of the bags. To determine the number of bags, divide the total volume of rocks (12.25 cubic feet) by the volume of each bag.

How much does a cubic yard of crushed lava rock weigh?

A cubic yard of crushed lava rock typically weighs around 2,750 pounds (1.375 tons).

How much does a yard of lava rocks cost?

As much as you're willing to pay.

How much does a half cubic foot of lava rock weigh?

1 cu ft of lava rocks weighs 50 lbs, so half a cubic foot weighs half of that, or 25 lbs. Just remember the quantity "50 lbs per cubic foot" for lava rocks. Note that a cubic foot is the volume that will fill a box that is 1 ft by 1 ft by 1 ft, and that 1.0 cu ft of rocks will cover a 4 sq ft area to a depth of 3 inches. That would be an area of 4'x1' or 2'x2'. A "half cubic foot" measures 9.5" x 9.5" x 9.5" (or, 0.79' x 0.79' x 0.79'; try it on your calculator). A half cu ft of rocks will cover a 2 sq ft area to a depth of 3 inches. That would be an area that is 2'x1'.

How much weight is 120 cubic centemetres?

cubic centimetres is volume not weight. if it is water then it would weight 120 grams

How much weight is 244 cubic feet?

244 cubic feet of what?

How much does one cubic yard weight?

1 cubic yard of what?

How Does heat turn into lava?

The rocks in the center of the Earth are under so much pressure that the heat makes the rocks melt. The melted rock is magma, or lava once it has got out of the ground.

How much weight 1 cubic yard of ice?

1 cubic yard of ice has a weight of 49421 pound-force.

How much does a cubic meter of wheat weight?

A cubic metre of wheat weighs 769kg

How much weight of rocks are there in the world?


How much lava comes out of a volcanoes?

The amount of lava that comes out of a volcano can vary greatly depending on the eruption type and size of the volcano. In general, volcanoes can produce anywhere from a few cubic meters to millions of cubic meters of lava during an eruption. Some eruptions, such as those from shield volcanoes, can produce lava flows that extend for tens of kilometers.