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It is a fairly simple conversion, since you are already in the right mass unit. 60 kg*(299,792,458m/s)^2 works out to 5.39*10^18 joules of energy, equivalent to 1.29 gigatons of TNT or about 86,000 Hiroshima bombs.

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Q: How much energy is in the mass of a 60 kilogram person?
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How much do you weigh in kilograms if you weigh 117lbs?

A kilogram is a measure of mass, not of weight. A person whose mass is 117 pounds will weigh 520 Newtons.

If a guy is 285lbs how much does he weigh in kilograms?

A kilogram is a measure of mass, not of weight. A person whose mass is 285 pounds will weigh 1267 Newtons.

How many pounds does a 32 kilogram person weigh?

On earth, that much mass weighs 313.6 newtons (70.55 pounds).

How much is the mass of a kilogram?

1000 g

How much does Saturn weigh in kilogram?

Kilogram is a unit of mass, not of weight. - Wikipedia lists the mass as 5.6846

How much mass does a pair of shoes have?

100 kilograms

How much energy is used per kilogram?

More information is required. What energy is used in what process, per kilogram of what?

How much mass does one-liter of soda have?

About a kilogram.

How much is the mass of a kilogram on earth?

The mass is 1 kilogram anywhere. The mass doesn't change.The weight of 1 kilogram is 9.8 newtons (2.205 pounds) on earth,and 1.6 newtons (5.8 ounces) on the moon.

How much mass is a kilogram?

That completely depends on two things -- whatliquid substance you have, and how much of it you have. For example, if it's pure water and you have one liter of it, then its mass is very close to 1 kilogram. If you have only one-half liter of it, then its mass is one-half kilogram, but if you replace the water with mercury, then its mass is 6.8 kilograms. So you see, it depends on the substance, and the amount of it.

How much is in a kilogram at water?

A liter of water has a mass of about one kg.

How much mass is in 4 kg?

Kilogram (kg) is the SI unit of mass, so the mass is 4 kg in this case.