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Q: If there are 7.5 gallons to the cubic foot and a cylindrical storage tank has a radius of 13.5 ft and an altitude of 18 ft then using 3.14159 for p how many gallons correct to the nearest whole ga?
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How many gallons are in 52.7 rounded to the nearest tenth?


What is 18.29 liters rounded to the nearest gallon?

18.29 liters is approximately 4.84 gallons when rounded to the nearest gallon.

What is 0.44 gallons rounded to nearest 110 ml?

.44 gallons = 1665.5812 ml to the nearest 100 ml, 1700 ml To the nearest 110 ml, 1650 ml

How many imperial gallons in 3353 us gallons?

3353 US gallons / 1.20095 = 2792 Imperial gallons (to nearest full gallon).

When piloting a plane east to west should your altitude be even numbers or odd?

When flying from the east to west you should fly at an even number altitude to the nearest thousand. But when flying using Visual Flight Rules you should fly at an even altitude to the nearest thousand plus 500 feet.

What is the Square root of 85 correct to the nearest tenth?

The square root of 85 correct to the nearest tenth is 9.2

What is 25000 US gallons in cubic yards to the nearest tenth?

25,000 US gallons = 123.8 cubic yards.

How many gallons of water will it take to fill a kiloliter container?

264 US gallons (to the nearest whole gallon).

What would 343.8 miles on 9 gallons be when expressing each ratio as a unit rate round to the nearest tenth if necessary?

343.8 miles / 9 gallons = 38.2 miles per gallon 9 gallons / 343.8 miles = 0.0 gallons per mile (to the nearest tenth). Actually, the consumption is 0.026 gallons per mile.

How do you do it if its area is 28 and the base has a length of 3 more than the altitude?

This is not solvable in integers for a triangle. The solution to the nearest thousandth is: base = 9.132 and altitude = 6.132 Half base = 4.566 x alt 6.132 = 27.999, again to the nearest thousandth.

What is 0.44 gallons rounded to the nearest 100 ml?

2000 millilitres.

What is 22.15 to the nearest hundredth?

It is correct, so 22.15 is already correct.