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liquid electrolyte solution with water and sulfuric acid.

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c. an acidic liquid

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a bridge made of cell

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Q: In a wet type of voltaic cell what is electrolyte?
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In wet type of voltaic cell what is electrolyte?

an acidic liquid

In a wet type of voltaic cell what is electrolyte a bridge of salt a copper strip an acidic liquid or a spontaneous flow of electrons?

the answer is an acidic liquid

Difference between dry cell and wet cell?

a dry cell is a cell that has electrolyte that is a paste a wet cell is a cell that has a liquid electrolyte -sads

A wet cell is an electrochemical cell in which the electrolyte is a?


Is acid an electrolyte for a dry cell?

no; it is for a wet cell instead

What is the conducting liquid in a wet cell called?

The electrolyte

How are wet and dry cells the same?

A wet cell and a dry cell are the same in that they each have an anode, a cathode and and electrolyte. All three components are different chemically. The anode and the cathode will exhibit a voltage difference when placed in the electically conductive electrolyte. The voltage and reaction between the three parts of the cell are chemical reactions. A wet cell is different from a dry cell in that the electrolyte in the wet cell is a liquid where the so-called dry cell has an electrolyte that is either damp, moist or in a gelatinous form. ( The electrolyte is not actually "dry".) Otherwise the cells are the same. The cell may be a primary cell that is depleted as one of the elements is chemically consumed or the cell may be rechargable by reversing the chemical reaction.

Function of dry or wet cells?

A 'wet' cell uses a conducting liquid called an electrolyte; a 'dry cell uses a conducting gel called an electrolyte. So, really, a 'dry' cell is simply a non-spillable wet cell! They both store electrical engergy for use later on.

How can a dry cell produce electrical energy?

A "dry" cell is actually a misnomer. The electrolyte is actually a moist paste, with enough liquid in it to make the electrochemistry operate exactly the same as a wet cell. The practical difference between a dry cell and a wet cell is that the moist paste electrolyte of the dry cell will not spill out when the cell is turned over like the liquid electrolyte of the wet cell does. This makes manufacturing and transportation of ready to use dry cells possible, while wet cells must be manufactured and shipped without the liquid electrolyte and are filled at the point of sale after installation.

What type of solution are contained wet cells?

electrolyte solutions

Liquid portion of a cell is called?

A wet cell A cell that contains a solid electrolyte is a dry cell.

In a wet cell electrons move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode?

A wet cell refers to a primary electric cell wherein the electrolyte is a liquid. It is true that in a wet cell, electrons move from the negative electrode to the positive electrode.