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ਜੇ P(E ਨਹੀਂ )= 0.25 ਹੋਵੇ ਤਾਂ P(E)=… .If P(not E)= 0.25 then P(E)=

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Q: Should potential energy be written as PE or pe or Pe?
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What energy has to do with potential and kinetic energy?

Kinetic Energy+Potential Energy=Mechanical Energy (KE+PE=ME)

How do you find the gravitational potential energy?

Gravitational Potential Energy is equal to Potential Energy therefore the formula for GPE (Gravitational Potential Energy) is PE=mass x gravity x height therefore the formula is PE=mgh

What kind of energy is being described KE PE W or PEel?

KE- Kinetic Energy PE- Potential Energy W- Work PEel - (may be Potential Energy of electricity)

What are two main types of potential energy?

loss of PE and gain of PE

What does pe equals mgh stand for when you are talking about energy?

Potential Energy

Total amount of potential and kinetic energy?

Total Energy = Potential + Kinetic TE=PE+KE

A energy is?

Energy is the potential to do some work. If there is work done on a system, this work done is stored as potential energy of the system. If the system in motion, it should have kinetic energy. Hence total energy of the system PE+KE

Diagram of IE plus SE equals PE?

The diagram of IE plus SE equals PE represents the relationship between kinetic energy (KE), potential energy (PE), and the total mechanical energy (E) of an object. In this diagram, IE represents the initial energy, SE represents the additional energy supplied, and PE represents the potential energy gained. The total mechanical energy of the object is the sum of the initial energy and the additional energy, which can be converted into potential energy.

What is the difference between PE and KE?

PE or Potential Energy is the stored energy an object has based on its relative height or shape.KE or Kinetic Enregy is energy in motion, or energy based on how fast an object is moving.They may also be written as EP and EK.

What is the formula of gravity potential energy?

PE = mgh (potential energy = mass x gravity x height).

What is the mathematical relationship that explains potential energy?

For example, for gravitational potential energy, the relationship is: PE = weight x height Or the equivalent: PE = mass x gravity x height

What is PE and KE of law of conservation of mechanical energy?

PE refers to potential energy - the energy of position KE refers to kinetic energy - the energy related to an object's speed.