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a solid because particles of a solid is not as put together.

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Q: Sound travels worst through what medium?
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Why does sound travel fastest through a sold then a liquid and a gas?

That's because sound is a compression wave. It needs a medium to travel through. The best mediums are dense, like metal and concrete. Liquids are okay. Gasses are the worst. Sound will not travel in space because there's no medium for sound to travel through.

Is vacuum the sound that travels best?

No: worst. Sound cannot travel though a vacuum.

Do sound waves travel better through solid liquids or gasses?

sound waves travel through best through solids because they are more dense, then liquids, and finally they travel the worst through gasses.

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Something soundproof or near sound proof. A vacuum, for example.

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What is the best and worst transmitter of sound?

The worst would be a vacuum. The best probably depends on your definition of "best", but maybe something like superfluid liquid helium?