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Try understanding this gem: :\langle\hat{T}\rangle = -\frac{\hbar^2}{2 m_e}\bigg\langle\psi \bigg\vert \sum_{i=1}^N \nabla^2_i \bigg\vert \psi \bigg\rangle If not, maybe you can use E(k)=1/2mv^2

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Q: The kinetic energy of the hydrogen atom electron is 13.65 eV Find the velocity of the electron?
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Why drift velocity increases on increasing temperature?

because the kinetic energy of electron increase with increase in temperature. this increase in kinetic energy increase drift velocity

What atoms of gas would have the greatest velocity if each atom had the same kinetic energy?

Hydrogen gas has the lowest mass out of ammonia, bromine, hydrogen and chlorine, so it would have the highest velocity for a given kinetic energy.

What is more- potential energy or kinetic energy of an electron in hydrogen atom?

Both are equal.

How do you find the energy of Hydrogen in electron volts?

We can find kinetic energy of hydrogen by using the formula,1/2mv2/1.60217646 into -19th power of 10in electron volts.

When you have kinetic energy you must have?

When you have kinetic energy, you must have a mass and a velocity since kinetic energy is half the product of the mass and the square of the velocity.

What happends to kinetic energy when the velocity increases?

Kinetic energy is proportional to the square of the magnitude of velocity.

Which factor provides kinetic energy of an electron?

Kinetic energy is another name for scalar energy. Kinetic energy is provided by the vector energy cmV=cP, the momentum energy. Momentum is a vector and Momentum energy cP is also a vector, a vector energy. This Momentum Energy gives the velocity V and speed v and thus the "kinetic energy". The electron vector energy is cmV=cP and and the scalar energy is vp ! it is clear that te sclar energy vp=mv2 is much smaller than the vector energy cVm. the so-called kinetic energy is vp/2 = 1/2 mv2. kinetic energy is a product of the vector energy cmV, no Velocity , no kinetic energy.

Is velocity kinetic energy?

No. This is because velocity is not a mechanical energy.

What happens to an objects kinetic energy as its velocity increases?

Kinetic Energy increases as velocity increases. Kinetic Energy = 1/2 * Mass * Velocity2

Does kinetic energy increase with speed and time?

Time is not a factor, speed is velocity and velocity equates to kinetic energy. E=Mass * Velocity squared.

What will happen to the kinetic energy for an object if its mass is double but the velocity remains at the same?

Kinetic Energy = (1/2)*(mass)*(velocity)2 If you double the mass, then the kinetic energy will double If you double the velocity, the kinetic energy will increase by a factor of 4

Does a strawberry have kinetic energy?

If the strawberry is moving, it has kinetic energy. Anything with a mass and velocity has kinetic energy.