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They are added fuel tanks so the aircraft can carry more than the normal amount of fuel ; for example, for longer range, or greater endurance.

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Q: What are Auxiliary fuel tanks in aircraft?
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Where is the fuel tank located in a jumbo jet?

Jumbo jets have several fuel tanks. The majority of these fuel tanks are located in the wings of the aircraft. Some aircraft may also have auxiliary tanks in the tail or belly. The Douglas (now Boeing) MD11 has a fuel tank in the Elevator(horizontal tail surface) that is used to balance the aircraft to fly at altitude with less drag.

What is theExternal fuel chamber attached to an aircraft called?

conformal fuel tanks

Where is fuel loaded in an aircraft?

Fuel is generally stored in tanks built into the wings.

Why are aircraft fuel tanks designed to be located in the wing?

To utilize the wing space for the fuel,

Where does the fuel tanks located on small planes?

Where is the fuel tanks located on small planes? Most of the fuel tanks are located in the wings of the aircraft. There is usually the main tanks that are located in the center of the wings and then there are tip tanks, that are located towards the wing tips.

Where are the fuel tanks located in most passenger aircraft?

Wings and belly.

Where are the fuel tanks stored in an airplane?

In most modern aircraft they are in the wings.

How does a Chevy truck's dual fuel tanks operate?

On vehicles with dual tanks, the front tank is the main and the rear tank is the auxiliary. The main fuel balance pump supplies fuel to the fuel injection unit. The low pressure, about 32 kPa (7 psi) fuel balance pump is used only to transfer fuel from the auxiliary tank to the main tank in order to balance the fuel levels in both tanks. As the main tank level drops to about 25 percent below the level in the auxiliary tank, the fuel sender and balance module energizes the fuel pump relay. This pumps the fuel from the auxiliary tank to the main tank. When the level in the main tank reaches a level slightly higher than the level in the auxiliary tank, or the auxiliary tank is empty, the module de-energizes the balance pump relay and fuel pump. Any malfunction in either of the fuel gauge circuits will disable the system and the fuel will not be transferred from the auxiliary fuel tank to the main fuel tank.

Aircraft fuel tank using?

Aircraft use three types of fuel tanks using: (1)integral (2)rigid removable (3)bladder.

When On aircraft equipped with fuel pumps when is the auxiliary electric driven pump used?

In the event engine-driven fuel pump fails.

What are the tanks on the bottom of the P51 Mustang?

Those are external fuel tanks, which can be dropped from the plane in flight when they run out of fuel, increasing the aircraft's range. They are also usually dropped when entering a dogfight, in order to reduce weight and make the aircraft more aerodynamic.

What is the fuel called that remains in the aircraft after engine fuel starvation?

It's called 'unusable fuel.' The stats in the operation manual will always state the total fuel capacity and unusable fuel. When there are multiple tanks in multiple locations, the unusable fuel in all tanks will be stated.