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radio,microwave ,infared,ultra violet,visible .x ray.gamma

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Radio waves, micro waves, infra-red, visible, ultraviolet, X-rays

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Nothing on the list that accompanies the question is listed in the correct order.

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All of them.

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Q: What are the 7 types of electromagnetic waves in order from longest to shortest?
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Which of the following types of electromagnetic radiation has the longest wavelength?

Radio Waves!

What is the electromagnetic spectrum and list the types of radiation?

It is the different types of waves in light. All waves travel at the same speed which is nearly 300 million m/s.Anyway:Radio Waves - longest wavelength, smallest frequencyMicrowavesInfraredVisible LightUltravioletX-RayGamma Rays - shortest wavelength, largest frequency

Which of the alpha beta and gamma radiation is formed of electromagnetic radiation?

We know that gamma rays are electromagnetic energy, and they'll occupy a place on the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. You can locate gamma rays right at the top end of the EM spectrum because their frequencies are so high (or their wavelengths are so short, if you prefer).

Types of radiant energy in order of their wavelengths?

Longest to shortest 1)radio waves 2)microwaves 3)visible light 4)ultraviolet radiation 5)infrared radiation 6)x-rays 7)gamma rays

What has the longest wavelength-light waves x-rays or radio waves?

Radio Waves are in the lower end of the electromagnetic spectrum and have wavelengths between several hundred feet (AM Radio) to fractions of an inch (Microwave communications). X-Rays are high energy photons at the upper end of the electromagnetic spectrum, with wavelengths shorter than visible light, measured in nanometers to picometers. Color wise, Red is the longest visible, while Violet is the shortest wavelength of visible light. There are many graphical charts of the electromagnetic spectrum that show where the various waves fit in relation to each other, these can be found on an internet image search.

How does the electromagnetic spectrum organize the different types of energy waves?

The electromagnetic spectrum organizes different types of electromagnetic waves according to their wavelength or frequency.

What are facts about electromagnetic energy?

1. Electromagnetic radiation Causes electric and magnetic energy 2. First discovered by a Danish phisisist Hans Christian Orsted 3. There are 9 types of waves 4. The longest wave is over 100 km

What types of food remain in the stomach the shortest time?

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Everyone who types in stupid comments for stuff they can't answer, please stop. The longest species is 25 inches (64cm)long, the shortest is 14 inches (36cm) long.

Order the types of waves from lowest frequency and wavelength to the highest?

There are many types of waves, but the main ones are: radio waves, microwaves, infrared waves, visible light waves, ultraviolet waves, x-rays, and gamma rays. Radio waves have the longest wavelength and lowest frequency. Gamma rays have the shortest wavelength and highest frequency.

What are the different types of electromagnetic coils?

Inductor, rodin, and deflection are some types of electromagnetic coils.

True or False The electromagnetic spectrum is a collection of several types of electromagnetic radiation?