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228Th-------------224Ra + α

28Al---------------28Si + β-

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Q: What are the equations for each of the following radioactive decay reactions alpha emissions by thorium 228 and beta emissions by aluminum 28?
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What metal is used in nuclear reactions?

The following metals are involved in nuclear reactions. The preferred metal is Uranium 235. The next one is Plutonium 239. Important radioactive metals are Thorium and Cobalt 60. Important radioactive elements that are not metals include Radon and Iodine.

How are chemical reactions abbreviated?

Chemical reactions are abbreviated by their chemical equations.

What are unwanted radioactive products formed during nuclear reactions called?

Radioactive waste.

Are valence electrons only found in radioactive isotopes?

No. Nuclear reactions are not chemical reactions. They involve changes to the nucleus of the atom, such as radioactive decay.

What is a statically indeterminate beam?

If you can solve the beam reactions by the equations of equilibrium, then it is statically deterrminate. If not, that is, more unknown reactions than the equations of equilibrium, then it is indeterminate, and you need to know something about its deformation to solve the reactions.

Equilibrium national income?

Equilibrium level of income is solved by following a system of equations. For a detailed understanding, study the Law of Mass Action of chemical reactions.

How do you show chemical reactions in writing?

chemical equations

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Radioactive reaction is a red-ox reaction. This is a nuclear decay.

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Chemical equations describe the products and reactants in a chemical reaction.

Thermochemical equations are chemical equations that include the of the reaction.?

Termochemical reactions include the enthalpy of reactants and products.

Why are reactions described with formulas and chemical equations?

because yes!

What nuclear reactions are associated with radioactive decay?

weak force