What causes objects to accelerate?

Updated: 6/3/2024
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Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate.

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Objects accelerate when a force is applied to them, according to Newton's second law of motion (F = ma). The acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the force applied to it and inversely proportional to its mass.

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Q: What causes objects to accelerate?
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Does gravity causes all falling objects to accelerate at the rate of 98?

The rate is 9.8m/sec

Gravity causes all falling objects to accelerate at a rate of 98 meters per seconds?


Objects that do not accelerate?

All objects accelerate if the forces acting on them are not balanced.

Why do objects accelerate on ramps?

Objects will accelerate if there is a net force acting on them.

What is the direction that gravity causes objects to accelerate?

Free fall is caused when gravity pulls it toward earth

What is a sentence for the word accelerate?

He would wildly accelerate his car when the traffic light turned green. Gravity causes falling objects to accelerate as they move toward the Earth. Living in a foreign country can accelerate the speed at which you learn the native language.

When is an objects to be in free fall?

In free fall, the force of gravity alone causes an object to accelerate in the downward direction.

Gravity causes all objects to accelerate toward and earth at a rate of?

9.8 meters per second squared.

What is the name of the scientist who proved that gravity causes falling objects to accelerate constantly no matter what the mass of the object may be?

Galileo Galilei

Do objects have equal acceleration?

Not necessarily. Objects can have different masses or experiences different forces, resulting in different accelerations.

A net force causes an object to?

Accelerate, motion is generated by applying force to mass.

How are objects able to accelerate?

When the forces on an object are unbalanced, the object will accelerate in the direction of the net force.