What is a mirror image?

Updated: 8/11/2023
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If you are mirror image twins it means that you are also identical twins. Mirror image twins are created when the fertilised egg splits quite late (around days 9-12), any later and twins can be co-joined.

Mirror image twins have small mirror image differences but are actually genetically identical; this means you have the exact same DNA!

Some parts of the body are commonly mirrored; mirroring of appendix or heart or other internal organs is rare. We have some examples of our own mirroring:

  • We are opposite handed (Tash is left-handed and I am right)
  • We tend to have mirror image dental problems
  • People often have two different size feet; with us the opposite foot is larger
  • We look very similar to each other but the resemblance is even stronger if we stand facing each other (as though in a mirror) rather than side by side. Or get both of us facing into a mirror and things start to look very confusing.
  • Our finger prints don't seem to conform to being mirror image - instead they are nearly identical (only one pair of fingers has any major difference)

However enviromentally things can make an overall change to the behaviour of mirror image twins however not much will likely change genetically.

Thank You Twins Realm for the Supporting Information above.

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when someone does the exactly the thing at the same time next to u

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it is called a flip in geography

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Q: What is a mirror image?
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How image is formed by a plane mirror?

a image on mirror was get by the reflection from the mirror hten it is goes into our eyes and after this to brainby this process we get our image on hte mirror.

What image formed by a plane mirror?

The image formed by a plane mirror is virtual image.

Images formed by a plane mirror?

A plane mirror forms 1 virtual image and no real image. The virtual image is behind the mirror, at the same distance as the object in front of the mirror, erect, in mirror image left-right.

Describe the image form mirror by a plane mirror?

image form can be form by virtual image

How can you identify the three types of mirrors without touching?

In the plane mirror, our image will be seen as same size of us and erect. In case of concave mirror, our image will be inverted. This is because concave mirror forms real, inverted image when object is placed behind the focus of the mirror. In case of convex mirror, the size of the image will be diminished, or smaller than us and the image will be erect too. This is because the image formed is virtual and erect.

Is it plain mirror or concave mirror producing magnified real image?

A plane (flat) mirror reflects an image which is the same size and shape, and colour as the object in front of the mirror. A concave mirror can produce a magnified image. If the image is in front of the mirror it is a real image; if behind it is a virtual (non-real) image. A real image can be cast upon a white the best) surface

When viewed in a spherical mirror the image of a setting is a virtual image. The image lies 12cm behind the mirror .Is this mirror concave or convex?


Is the image of yourself in the mirror the real image?

No, an image formed in a mirror is unreal, because mirror reflects all the light rays off.

What produces a mirror image?

A mirror.

When was Mirror's Image created?

Mirror's Image was created on 2009-08-14.

What type of image is is produced by a plane mirror?

Just a mirror image x

How are a mirror image and hologram different?

A hologram is a three-dimensional image, whereas a mirror image is two-dimensional.