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Air Resistance is a force.

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Q: What is air resistance and what are the two factors that air resistance depends on?
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Two factors that greatly affect air resistance on falling objects are the size and what?

Frontal surface area.

What are facts about air resistance?

What type of friction is air resistance?fluid friction. Air resistance is fluid friction. Air resistance occurs between the surface of a falling object and the air that surrounds it. Rolling friction occurs when a rounded surface moves over a solid and sliding friction occurs when a solid moves over another solid. Static friction occurs when a solid touches another solid but there is no movement.What two factors affect air resistance?size and shape. Size and shape are the two factors that affect air resistance. Air resistance works with surface area, so the more surface area, the more air resistance. Think about when you drop two pieces of paper: one crumpled and one flat. The crumpled one falls faster because there is less air resistance acting on the paper.

What are the factors affecting the time period of a simple pendulum?

Friction is just resistance to movement due to sliding surfaces or to air flow. For a pendulum it will be due to two things: one the resistance in its support bearing, the other to the air resistance of the pendulum itself. Thus energy is gradually lost and the pendulum will eventually come to rest unless it gets a little kick as required, this is supplied in an old clockwork mechanism by the spring which you wind up every week or whatever.

What happens to the resistance when the length is double?

whenever the cable lengthened so is the resistance, their proportional to each other

Does air temperature affect air resistance?

There are two factors that influence air resistance with temperature. Air density decreases with temperature so that the force needed to push the air out of the way is decreased, thereby decreasing resistance. Conversely, air viscosity increases with temperature (unlike oil for example where viscosity decreases with temperature) so that the drag increases. Under normal conditions, the density change of air has the greatest effect and air resistance decreases at higher temperatures.

What are the two factors of a wire that will alter its resistance?

The resistance of the wire is directly proportional to the length and inversely proportional to the area of cross section. Also it depends on the material of the wire with which it is made. So three factors. Length, area of cross section, material.

How slow does a feathers fall?

The feather usually falls slowly when dropped from a building because of two reasons. The reasons includes air resistance and the force of gravity.

What two forces cause deceleration?

Friction and air resistance are two.

What are two places with no air resistance?

space and a vacuum chamber

What two places have no air resistance?

Space and the inside of a vacuum.

What are the two 2 drag forces?

air and water resistance

Projectiles are subject to what two forces?

Gravity and Air resistance.