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Free EnergyFree energy may refer to:

In economy:

* Energy at no cost, like mechanic energy which drives wind mill, or light in solar cell which is transormed into DC electric current, i.e. wind power, water power, telluric power, and solar power

In physics, the term thermodynamic free energy denotes the total amount of energy in a physical system which can be converted to do work, in particular:

* Helmholtz free energy, the amount of thermodynamic energy which can be converted into work at constant temperature and volume. In chemistry, this quantity is called work content

* Gibbs free energy, the amount of thermodynamic energy in a fluid system which can be converted into work at constant temperature and pressure. This is the most relevant state function for chemical reactions in open containers

In engineering:

* Renewable energy, although most renewable energy sources would not normally be called free energy sources

* energy which may be directly utilized (and returned) by a device from the surroundings (electromagnetic free energy is sometimes referred to as radiant energy)

* a primary energy source that is free (i.e. does not cost anything) for consumption. Examples include wind power, water power, telluric power, and solar power

In Biology:

* Free energy (DNA) is the free energy pertaining to DNA

Free energy may also refer to:

* Free energy suppression is the notion that corporate energy interests deliberately suppress technologies that may provide energy at very little cost. Remaining so-far-unexploited forces of nature which are well documented in the scientific literature include telluric currents, atmospheric electricity, earth batteries, and pressure system changes

* The energy from fantastical forces considered perpetual motion. These devices utilize quantum vacuum perturbation, quantum vacuum energy, rotating magnets, as well as some purported methods to crack hydrogen


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Q: What is free energy?
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How do you produce free energy?

Yes, you can use free energy from the wind, solar geothermal to drive a generator and produce your own free energy.

Is the energy of free electron quantized?

energy of a free electron is not quantized, however the energy of a bound electron is quantized.

Energy available to do work?

Free Energy

Does sugar free mean energy free?


What is an explanation of free energy?

A system that generates more energy that it consumes, and does so indefinitely, is said to produce 'free energy'. Free energy is synonymous with overunity and perpetual motion. Free energy does not exist because it violates the law of conservation of energy, which states that energy can never been created or destroyed, only transformed.

What is an inexpensive energy resource?

There are some energy sources, such as wind energy, solar energy, and geothermal energy, that are available in abundance - basically for free. But please note that there is always a cost to convert such energy types into something useful. The energy is free; converting it into useful energy to run machinery is not free.

Is wind energy cheap?

Wnd energy is free

Why are endothermic reactions rare?

Chemical reactions occur spontaneously when the free energy of the product is less than the free energy of the reactants. Free energy is a combination of thermal energy (heat) and entropy. If thermal energy is absorbed during a reaction, there must be an exceptionally large increase in entropy to give a net reduction in free energy.

What is the significant application of Helmholtz free energy?

how does helmholtz free energy applies to real world examples

What is the name of free energy's debut album?

Free Energy's debut album's name is "Stuck On Nothing".

When the free energy of the reactants is greater than the free energy of the products such a reaction is referred to as?

endothermic reaction

Does osmosis increase free energy in a system?

If you have a system in which the process of osmosis is spontaneously taken place, the free energy of the system is being reduced. Free energy is the one doing the job.

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