What is the bond angle of acetylene?

Updated: 8/10/2023
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180 degrees

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Q: What is the bond angle of acetylene?
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Which of the following molecules has a CCH bond angle of 180?

I don't know, I'd prob read my chem textbook and stop looking up answers online.

Would acetylene reacts with bromine?

Yes. Acetylene is unsaturated with a triple bond joining the carbon atoms. The reaction is HCCH + 2Br2 -> Br2HCCHBr2 The bromine adds accross the triple bond, leaving a single carbon carbon bond.

What is the structural formula for diisopropyl acetylene?

(isopropyl)x2 = (2-methylpropane)x2 --> [C(CH3)2] x2 (center) Acetylene --> C(triple bond)C (H3C)2C(triple bond)C(CH3)2

What happens to the bond angle as the number of bonds increases?


What is a hydrocarbon with at least one triple covalent bond?

The simplest is acetylene C2H2.

What is the bond angle in CH4?

Bond angle is 109.5 degrees.It is equal in every bond

What are the bond angle for NH4plus?

NH4+ is tetrahedral, with bond angle of 109.5o

PF3Cl2 is a nonpolar molecule What is the f-p-f bond angle cl-p-cl angle bond and the f-p-cl angle bond?

the f-p-f bond angle is 120the cl -p-cl bond angle is 180and the f - p - cl bond angle is 90

A compound with only two atoms would not have a?

Bond Angle (:

What is the molecular form of acetylene gas?

The molecular formula of acetylene gas is C2H2. The shape of the molecule is linear, with the two carbon atoms joined by a triple bond and each carbon atom also bonded to one hydrogen atom by a single bond.

What is the reaction of acetylene with bromine?

CH (triple bond) CH + Br2 -> BrC (triple bond) CBr

What is the bond angle for H2S?

The bond angle for H2S is 92.1­°.