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Thermal energy because you are using heat. The thermal energy can be supplied by an external heat source or by electric it generating microwaves which excite the water molecules to produce heat.

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a piece of birthday cake uses what kind of chemical

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Q: What type of energy is used to bake a cake?
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Does wedding cake last even after a year in the freezer?

That depends on the ingredients used to bake the cake and the type of freezer you have.

What is a stemmed cake pan?

It is a pan or deep type of dish that is used to bake cakes in.

Can food processor be used to bake cake?


Using an oven you can turn cake batter into delicious cake what kind of energy is involed in this change?

The type of energy used in baking is heat.

What is cake case?

Cake cases are the small paper cases used to bake cupcakes.

Can you bake a cake with sprinkles inside?

Yes, you can bake a cake with sprinkles inside. This is usually used for kids cake/cupcakes. You will get really nice colors inside and it taste good and it's fun. Kids love it.

What temperature to slow bake for an apple cake?

The proper temperature to bake any cake depends on the specific recipe and the size pan being used. Follow the directions on the cake mix package or listed in the recipe.

How much energy is used to bake a regular cake in the oven?

27p....based on an hours baking, in a commercial oven, if you pay 17p for a Kw hour, at 160 degrees!

What kind of energy is used to bake bread?

Thermal energy.

Can you use soybean oil to bake a cake?

Yes, it is used all the time.

When baking a cake at 325degree in a gas oven vs electric oven should be set at what degree?

Gas ovens and electric ovens should both be set at 325 degrees in order to bake a cake at 325 degrees. The type of oven used does not effect the temperature at which a cake is baked.

Can a layer cake recipe be used to bake a sheet cake?

Yes--just use a sheet cake pan that is the same area as the pans on the box. If it is a larger pan, you may have to do some math.