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During the operation of hydraulic power plants that make use of water falls.

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Q: When do gravitational to kinetic to electrical current take place?
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What are the energy changes that take place in a hydroelectric power station?

gravitational potential energy in the reservoir to kinetic energy in the water (when it's travel through the pipes) to kinetic energy in the turbine to electrical energy in the generator

What is the energy change takes place in microphone?

From sound to electrical and kinetic (vibrations)

What energy takes place in a washing machine?

From electrical energy to kinetic energy electrical energy =>mechanical energy

What kind of energy conversion takes place in a falling bucket?

Gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy

Which energy transfer takes place when the mobile phone rings?

kinetic to electrical to sound

What energy changes takes place at the hydro electric power station?

Gravitational potential energy in the water is converted into mechanical energy by turning turbine "blades", the mechanical energy (kinetic energy) is converted to electrical energy by the electric generator.

What energy transformation takes place in a washing machine?

Electrical energy is changed into mechanical energy

What is the movement of energy that moves from place to place in an electrical circuit called?

The electric current

What are the energy conversion that take place of a rubber-powered aeroplane to fly?

Elastic potential energy->gravitational potential energy->kinetic energy

When somthing drops what type of energy conversion is taking place?

When a object is dropped downward from rest, the gravitational potential energy is converted to kinetic energy.

What energy conversion is taking place when a boucny ball is dropped?

Whenever anything falls down, potential gravitational energy is converted to kinetic energy.

What energy changes take place in a dynamo?

Kinetic energy is converted to electrical energy and heat energy due to friction.