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Q: When you walk across the carpet your body can acquire what?
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What can your body acquire when you walk across the carpet?


What causes you to be shock when you walk across a carpet?

Static electricity.

If you walk briskly across a carpet what causes you to experience a spark on touching a door knob?

Static electricity that is built up as you walk across the carpet and is discharged as you touch the metal door knob

Walking across a carpet is an example of a charge being transferred by contact?

One way of people getting a static electricity charge is to walk across a carpet wearing woolen socks

If someone walks across a carpet and touch a doorknob and get a shock what caused it?

When you walk across the carpet you pick up stray electrons. Those electrons then transfer from you to the doorknob when you touch it causing a shock.

If you walk briskly across a carpet you often experience a spark on touching a door knob.what causes this?


Does scorpion walk on carpet?

Scorpions prefer to not walk on carpet. Their legs get caught on the carpet fibres.

What is charge on our body?

I assume that 'charge' refers to the build up of static electricity. Walk across a nylon carpet and touch someone, and a spark of static electricity will give both of you a shock.

How can static electricity be produced?

walk across a carpet and drag your feet in your socks and touch metal and you will produce static electricity and get a shock.

When you walk across a nylon carpet you become negatively charhed.when you touch a metal handle you get an electric shock. Why?

You just grounded out your charge.

What is buildup of electric charges?

It is when you charge a capacitor. When you walk across a carpet on a dry day, you build up a charge. It is discharged when you touch something.

Why do you get an electric shock when you walk across a nylon carpet and then touch a metal handle?

Walking across a nylon carpet can cause charge separation between you and the carpet. You take on an electrostatic charge as a result. Touching a door knob allows that charge you accumulated to neutralize via a discharge event. The static discharge is the electric shock.

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