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Most of it will be converted to heat, via friction.

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thermal energy.

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Friction converts to thermal Energy.

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Q: Which type of energy is the mechanical energy of the car converted?
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A car slams on its brakes producing friction between the tires and the road. Into which type of energy is the mechanical energy of the car converted?

thermal energy.

When a car is driven the chemical energy in gasoline converted into?

Chemical energy is converted into heat energy which is then converted into mechanical energy

What kind of energy in car engine?

Chemical energy is being converted to thermal energy which is then converted to mechanical energy and finally to kinetic energy which moves the car. Kinetic energy is then converted to thermal energy in the brakes to stop the car.

Can one form of energy be converted to another?

Yes, it can be converted into another kind of Energy. Example: The chemical energy of petroleum is converted to mechanical energy in a car engine with some loss as heat and sound energy. The mechanical energy is converted to kinetic energy.

When gasoline is burned in a car engine what energy is converted into another energy?

Chemical Energy into Mechanical Energy

What kind of energy transformation occurs in a gasoline-powered car?

Chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy.

What are the energy transfer is in a toy car?

It depends on the type of toy car. In a simple wind-up version, mechanical energy, of a spring under tension, is converted to kinetic energy and noise and a small amount of heat. In battery powered cars, chemical energy from the batteries is converted to electricity which in turn is converted to kinetic energy and waste.

How is energy conserved when a car hits another car during an accident?

Most of the mechanical (or kinetic) energy is converted to heat.

What energy transformations occur in a car?


What type of energy is gas when a car goes on a highway?

Chemical energy (stored in the bonds of the molecules). When it burns, a lot of that energy becomes heat and a lot of that heat gets converted to internal energy as the hot combusted gas products reach high pressure with increasing temperature. The pressure pushes the pistons (kinetic energy) which translates to mechanical energy, which moves the car - which has kinetic energy as it moves.

What type of energy is in a car?

The type of energy that is in a car is mechanical energy, chemical energy (because it consumes petrol), and sound energy.

Is a battery operated to a car mechanical energy?

A car battery produces electrical energy through chemical means, and this energy can be converted to mechanical energy such as the turning of the starter motor that starts the vehicles engine turning.