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Sound cannot go through vaccum

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Q: Which wave would travel fastest in a vacuum light or sound?
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What phase of matter does sound travel fastest in?


Can light and sound travel through vacuum?

Light can. Sound can't.

What travels the fastest sound in air rocket in space light in vacuum microwaves in glass?

light in a vacuum

Which travels sound or light?

Both light and sound travel. Light travels the fastest.

What can light travel through that sound cant travel through?

light can travel through a vacuum whereas sound cant

What will light travel through that sound won't?

A vacuum.

Can light travel though a vacuum?

Yes, but sound can not.

What does sound go faster through a vacuum or a solid?

Sound does not travel in a vacuum. It needs a medium in which to travel (unlike light) and so sound cannot travel in a vacuum. However, in a solid sound travels faster than in air.

In which order does sound travel fastest in air space water or rock?

The order is as follows with the fastest first:Rock (fastest)WaterAirSpace (vacuum so sound cannot propagate).

In what media do sounds move fastest?

vacuum answer 2 Sound is a vibration of molecules, and thus cannot travel in a vacuum, where there are no molecules.

Why do light waves travel through a vacuum but a sound wave can't?

sound waves are vibrations that travel though air. Light is a spectrum of colours this means that light can go through a vacuum but sound cant Wazzupp Niggaaaa!!!!!

Why light travel in vacuum but not sound?

Light requires nothing more than a source for transmission. sound requires a source and a medium to conduct it. In vacuum, there is no conductor for sound.

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