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Q: Who observed that if an object is heated to a high temperature it emits radiation in a certain way?
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What is pasterization?

pasterization is where food is heated to a certain temperature to keep it fresh.

When a substance is heated its temperature increases. What other change might be observed?

Ordinarily when a substance is heated it expands. In some cases it melts. In some cases it vaporizes/evaporates.

What type of substance is heated by radiation?

Any substance that absorbs the radiation is heated by it.

What is observed when zinc nitrate is heated?

it should be heated at 500°c

Is the land heated by convection?

I think the land is heated by radiation

Radiation require a heated liquid to transfer energy?

Radiation does not require a heated liquid to transfer energy.

What is observed when zinc nitrate salt is heated?

it should be heated at 500°c

What is mean by preheat temperature in welding?

Some materials have to be heated before you start to weld on them. They will probably have a maximum interpass temperature, and may also need to be kept heated to a specific temperature for a certain amount of time after you stop welding (called post heat).

Why is a sandy shore hot on a summers day?

the sand is heated through radiation.

What tranfers thermal energy when objects are heated by radiation?

In that case, the energy is transferred through electromagnetic waves. For example, at room temperature that would be infrared.

What change might be observed when a substance is heated?

How much it is heated. What has the heat done to the object ETC

What is it called when the earth is heated by the sun?