How do you dry lavender?

Updated: 10/8/2023
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Cut a bundle of lavender, about 8 oz which is a bundle that will fit in your hand, and place a rubber band around the stems. A lot of people are unnecessarily worried about cutting their lavender plants, when actually, it should be done to help the plant grow fuller. Hang the bundle upside down by the rubber band in a dark dry place. I use the garage, but you can use a closet or attic. Hanging the bundle in darkness helps the lavender to keep it's beautiful color. You can bend a paper clip or Christmas ornament hook and hook it through the rubber band, or hang the bundle from a nail, just make sure the bundle isn't touching a wall or something to avoid smooshing. Upside down, the stalks will stiffen and the bundle will retain shape. Leave the bundle drying for about one week. You will be able to tell by touch if the drying process is finished. There will be no moisture and the stems will not be pliable. Your dried lavender stalks can be used for floral arrangements or other crafts. But, if you are drying the lavender for the buds, keep the bundle upside down and place a large bowl or bucket under the lavender. Gently rub your hands from top to bottom, shaking loose the buds. Store them in an air tight container until you have use for them. Good Luck! well, to do you wash it?

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Dry lavender is good to put in sachets to make your underwear smell nice. Some put it in pillows to make them more relaxed. Lavender can be used to flavor cookies and ice cream. The smell of lavender in your closet is supposed to keep moths away.

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Q: How do you dry lavender?
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How do you trim a lavender bush during winter?

Lavender thrives in warm, well drained soil and full sun. You can keep it moist, but not damp. When the lavender blooms, you can cut it at the bottom and dry for later use. Lavender will come back every year.

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Lavender that has been over watered will grey and die. It needs really good drainage and not a lot of water.

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the lavender glass bottle its like the glass bottle seal by wood, it contain lavender. at the bottom of the bottle there are some lavender seed! where can i buy it in canada? it is very nice! other than lavender, other dry flower is fine too!

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