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Grendel's mother was challenging to Beowulf because his sword wouldn't affect her. Unferth handed Beowulf Hrunting an ancient and rare sword made of iron said to never fail. Hrunting didn't do anything to Grendel's mother so Beowulf resorted to fighting hand to hand. soon after he saw a sword that was so large that no man other than himself could wield. with that sword he vanquished Grendel's mother.

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In his confrontation with Grendel's mother, Beowulf faces the obstacle of trying to defeat a powerful and vengeful creature who is seeking revenge for her son's death. She proves to be a formidable opponent, testing Beowulf's strength and courage in a challenging battle underwater in her lair.

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Q: What obstacle does Beowulf face in his confrontation with Grendel's mother?
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What did Beowulf do after beheading grendels mother?

he dies later on

Why does Beowulf fight grendels mother?

Under water, where Grendel's mother lived.

How did Beowulf find Grendels mother?

Beowulf followed Grendel's mother's tracks to her underwater lair after she attacked Heorot. He dove into the lake and ultimately battled and killed her with the help of a magical sword he found in her lair.

Why does the dragon in Beowulf become angry an scorch the countryside?

The dragon is beowulfs song which most people don't' know cause it doesn't really tell you... and the golden horn Beowulf got from the king is a symbol. If Grendels mother has it he shall not attach but it soon comes back to it's owner and it comes back to Beowulf when he becomes king. So Beowulf and Grendels mother got to gather and he gave her another son, he just couldn't help it. so Beowulf really doesn't kill Grendels mother he just says he does.....

What obstacles does Beowulf face his confrontation with Grendels mother?

In his confrontation with Grendel's mother, Beowulf faces obstacles such as fighting in a dark and murky underwater lair, facing a powerful and vengeful opponent, and struggling to find a weapon strong enough to defeat her. Additionally, Grendel's mother is fueled by a mother's vengeance, which adds a psychological challenge for Beowulf.

Why was it harder for Beowulf to kill Grendels's mother than Grendel himself?

While Grendel's mother is hard for Beowulf to defeat, he IS able to use a sword, where as he has to battle Grendel bare handed.

How does grendel defeat grendels mother?

Beowulf fights Grendel's mother, and kills her. He kills her with a sword that was made by giants, and he splits her into two.

What are the 3 conflcits in Beowulf?

Fighting Grendel, Grendels mother and the dragon once he returns home to Geatland and is crowned king.

Why do you think grendels mother takes his claw?

Grendel's mother takes his claw as a form of revenge against Beowulf for killing her son. It serves as a symbolic gesture to challenge Beowulf and his companions and to further escalate the conflict between them.

How does Grendels mother mourn the death of her son?

Grendel's mother mourns the death of her son by seeking revenge on Beowulf, who killed him. She attacks Heorot in search of retaliation, ultimately resulting in a battle with Beowulf himself.

What battle is a direct result of Beowulf beating Grendel?

The battle that directly follows Beowulf defeating Grendel is his confrontation with Grendel's mother in her underwater lair.

Was Angelina Jolie naked in Beowulf?

Actually, no. The film is animated and though they used Angelina's face, movements, and voice, it was not her body.