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Political parties.

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The plural of political party is "political parties".

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Q: What is the plural of political party?
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What part of speech is political parties?

A political party is a noun. It is a political organisation that has specific beliefs, usually different from other parties, who seeks to attain political power.

What is the plural of partie?

Do you mean "plural of party?" If so, the plural of party is parties.

How do you write a sentence with the word party in plural form?

There are two major political parties in the US, the Democrats and the Republicans.

What is the plural of third party?

The plural of third party is third parties.

What is the proper plural form of the word party?

The plural of party is parties.

How do you spell ferderalists?

The correct spelling of the plural proper noun is Federalists, an early US political party that supported a strong federal government.

Will a schism in a political benefit the party?

No, a division in a political party will not benefit the party.

What is the plural of caucus?

If you mean caucus, a political party meeting to select delegates, then it's caucuses or caucusses. Both are correct, but we normally see caucuses.

In which type of primary do you have to register by political party?

In a political primary, you have to register by political party.

Was thomas jefferson in a political party?

Yes, he was in a political party

When was A Political Party created?

A Political Party was created in 1934.

Use political party in a sentence?

The Republicans are a political party. The political party had grown around the concept of environmental awareness.