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Q: Which country uses the most electricity from hydro dams?
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What is the most common source of alternate energy?

Hydro-electricity - using falling water from dams and rivers to generate electricity is the most common source.

Is hydro electricity sustainable?

Yes because hydro-electricity relies on turbines which need to be turned round. In most cases, it is made from dams(made on rivers), which relies on water passing through it to turn the turbines.

Does Australia use the most hydro electricity?


Which province has the most hydroelectricity?

Ontario has most hydro-electricity.

What is the most important source of electricity in Manitoba?


How does New Zealand make most eclectricity?

Hydro Electric Dams, Geothermal, Wind Power

What country has the most dams?

It is China

What is hydroelectrity?

When water (Hydro) falls down through the turbine blades of an electricity generator, the blades are made to spin. The blades are connected to a shaft, which is connected at the upper end to the armature of a large generator, which produces electricity. Most, if not all, hydroelectricity is produced in tall dams on rivers. Examples include Hoover Dam in Nevada, and Grand Coulee Dam in Washington. The electricity produced in dams is no different from electricity produced in other ways.

Can electricity pass through oil?

yes,but in this case refraction takes place.

Where is the most effective area for hydro electricity?

Wet climates with mountains.

What energy sources generates the most amount of the worlds electricity?


What is electricity made by water called?

Water Electricity is electricity obtained from hydropower. Most hydroelectric power comes from the potential energy of dammed water driving a water turbine and generator. Less common variations make use of water's kinetic energy or undammed sources such as tidal power. Hydroelectricity is a renewable energy source.