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When two gays have sexual intercourse, but aren't allowed to get married they are at a political disadvantage!

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Q: What is the political disadvantage theory?
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When was The Theory of Political Coalitions created?

The Theory of Political Coalitions was created in 1962.

What are the areas of political science?

Some major branches of political science include political theory, international relations, comparative politics, political economy, political Psychology, political communication, and formal theory and methodology.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of motivation in theory?

advantage and disadvantage of motivation

Are these books used in political theory principia or leviathan?

yes. these bboks are used in political theory

When was European Journal of Political Theory created?

European Journal of Political Theory was created in 2002.

What has the author John S Nelson written?

John S. Nelson has written: 'What Should Political Theory Be Now ? (Suny Series in Political Theory)' 'Tradition, Interpretation, and Science: Political Theory in the American Academy (Suny Series in Politicsl Theory : Contemporary Issues)' 'Tropes of politics' -- subject(s): Political aspects, Political aspects of Rhetoric, Political science, Rhetoric 'Together in His name'

When was Systems theory in political science created?

Systems theory in political science emerged in the mid-20th century, particularly in the 1950s and 1960s. It was influenced by the work of scholars such as David Easton and Karl Deutsch, who applied concepts from systems theory to analyze political processes and behavior.

The theory that seeks to explain political processes and outcomes as consequences of purposive behavior is called a. theory of party eras. b. three-headed political giant theory. c.?

The correct answer is the Rational-choice theory.

Four major variants of elitist political theory?

the divine right theory the evolutionary theory the social contract theory the force theory

What is a disadvantage of administrative theory?

One disadvantage of administrative theory is that it can oversimplify complex organizational dynamics by focusing too heavily on formal structures and procedures. This may lead to a rigid and bureaucratic environment that stifles creativity and innovation within the organization.

What were two long-standing Roman contributions to political theory?

what were the two longstanding roman contributions to political theory

Which theory of democracy claims that the government is run by political insiders?

Elite Theory.