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A political system essentially based upon anarchy and individual rights. Not anarchy as in chaos, but the philosophical definition of anarchy which is rule by no one. Such a political system would recognize each person's sovereignty to do as he chooses in this life, so long as it does not prevent others from doing so. For example, since everyone is given life, it is theirs to do with as they wish and you should not be able to take it from them, hence, murder is wrong and would not be tolerated. People, in such a political system would have the right to have life, liberty and property and these rights would not be taken away by others as can happen with a democracy (in a democracy, for instance, a majority could crush a minority for the silliest of things, such as making eating with your left hand a capitol offense, or banning religions) but rather would be left to the individual to be the sole person in charge of their actions.

Political systems that are better than democracy rid the idea that plagues democracy of that the majority have a right to control what the minority can do even when they don't affect each other.

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As Churchill once said: "Democracy is the worst form of Government except for all those other forms that have been tried..."

There are some political systems that in a limited capacity or for specific ends are better than a liberal democracy:

An Enlightened Despotism is a superior government to Liberal Democracy when a nation needs to improve at a rapid pace. This could be economic improvement, population management, cultural homogenization, or education. Because the despots do not have to compromise with the opposition, the reforms can take effect at full force. However, should the despot no longer be enlightened, the fall which the country could take would far worse than anything that could come out of a democracy. Good examples of enlightened despots include Turkey's Mustafa Kemal and Singapore's Lee Kuan Yew. Of course, Enlightened Despotism directly opposes human rights and freedoms and is a form of authoritarianism.

A Theocracy and a Military Junta are superior forms of government to Liberal Democracy exclusively as concerns warfare and expansionism. A Theocracy can convince more of its population to fight and fight more brutally than can a democracy because people believe that the fight is the will of their gods. Such theocracies in war include Japan in World War II and Iran in the Iran-Iraq War. The Military Junta can more effectively plan military strategies than a civilian government, which gives it an edge in times of upheaval. General Sissi in Egypt can keep the country much more stable than a democratic government could since Sissi can more easily deploy the army against insurgent groups. Of course, Theocracy and Military Juntas directly oppose human rights and freedoms and are forms of authoritarianism.

Leninist Communism is superior from an organizational standpoint. Since it is the party that rules the country as one homogeneous unit, the progression and development of the country follows a clear and unchanging direction. Leninst Communist States also take key moves in industry, making the government more capable of directing progress. Furthermore, the bureaucracy of a Leninist Communist State is usually well organized as well, leading to more effective governance and protection of both private and public interests. China and Vietnam today are examples of Leninist Communism. Of course, Leninist Communism directly opposes human rights and freedoms and is a form of authoritarianism.

Anarchy is superior in that personal rights and freedoms are more effectively preserved. Historically stateless peoples, such as those in the mountains of Southeast Asia and in the dense forests of Brazil and Papua New Guinea, have an incredible liberality in terms of their religious choices, their speech, and their choice of crops. The main detraction of stateless society is that there is no way to create surplus food without the organization that a government or authority would require, leading to these societies never progressing past the hunter-gatherer stage of civilization. The anarchy described in the Community Answer would not long survive because he has created a government that is too weak to protect the rights of its citizenry. This government is clearly worse than democracy since it has no longevity.

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Democracy is a dichotomous categorisation; its alternative is autocracy. Therefore, there are alternative political systems to democracy and all of them are autocracies.

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dictartship or totalitarianism

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Q: Which political system is better than Democracy?
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