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Intimacy vs. Isolation:

Young adults will try to find partner to be with longtime, search for longtime friendships, and is they are married they will think about starting a family. For if they don't find a partner, or children they will start to feel isolated from their peers.

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generativity vs stagnation (A+)

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Q: According to Erikson what is the psychosocial task for early adulthood?
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What is the conflict identified by Erikson for the phase of early adulthood?

intimacy versus isolation

Many stages are listed in the theory of psychosocial development?


What stage of Erikson model of psychosocial development is like a hub that early stages lead to and later stages depend on?

atonomy vs shame

What is eriksons definition of intimacy?

Erikson in his psychosocial theory describes in stage 6 Intimacy vs isolation which is covered in the early period of adulthood while people explore personal relationships. Erikson assumed that a strong sense of personal identity was essential to develop a close and committed relationship with other people which mean having more intimacy in the relationship. While people with a poor sense of self may likely have less committed relationships and grieve emotional isolation.

One of the major differences between early adulthood and middle adulthood is that?

physical changes that began to occur in early adulthood become noticeable in middle adulthood.

What age is considered early adulthood?

early adulthood is one of the 6 life changes in life and in early adulthood the age is 19-35

First name of early viking explorer?

Lief Erikson

How do transition between early adulthood and late adulthood vary?

Type your answer here... multidirectional.

What is Henry Hudson's early adulthood?

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What theory did Erik Erikson contribute to child development studies?

Erik Erikson postulated 8 stages of development from birth to death. They are: # Infancy : Birth - 18 months of age # Early Childhood: 18 months - 3 years old # Play Age: 3-5 years old # School Age: 6-12 years old # Adolescence: 12-18 years old # Young Adulthood: 18-35 years # Middle Adulthood: 35-55 or 65 years # Late Adulthood: 55 or 65 - death

A person's ability to quickly reason increases into early adulthood and fades in late adulthood. This is an example of how development is?

multidirectional -apex

What life stage is often defined by managing priorities having children and starting a career?

Middle Adulthood