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the unpleasant emotion that results from holding two contradictory beliefs, attitudes, or behaviors at the same time.

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Believing in two contradictory ideas at the same time
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The internal conflicts a person feels when he/she attitudes that are in opposition to each other.

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Q: Cognitive dissonance is a term that refers to?
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Who is credited with coining the term cognitive dissonance?

leon festinger

What is the Cognitive Dissonance Theory?

Cognitive dissonance is a psychological term which describes the uncomfortable tension that comes from holding two conflicting thoughts at the same time.

What is the marketing term when you buy an expensive product and you start feeling that you have made a bad investment?

Cognitive dissonance.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cognitive Dissonance - 2012?

The cast of Cognitive Dissonance - 2012 includes: Edmund Poliks as Laurence DeHavillard

Which is not an example of how attitudes are formed?

cognitive dissonance

What is meant when someone has cognitive dissonance?

Cognitive dissonance is the word used to describe the feeling of discomfort or stress when one has two conflicting beliefs. One would then change something to reduce the dissonance.

What term describes a situation in which a person is confronted with two inconsistent or incompatible thoughts or motives?

Cognitive Dissonance, I think.

Is it ironic to be in a constant state of cognitive dissonance?


What term refers to the mental development of an adolescent?


What are two particular products that are at higher risk of causing cognitive dissonance Why?

Name at least two particular products or services that are at higher risk of causing cognitive dissonance. Why?

Cognitive dissonance theory is based on the human need for what?


Is cognitive dissonance positive or negative?

I believe it can be both, while every article I read refers it as a negative thing, I believe that it can be very positive and constructive. Though I could be completely wrong. If I am not mistaken, my cognitive dissonance, and as George Orwell refers as "Doublethink" allows me to challenge my ideologies to find what is closer to the truth, instead of sticking with one thing I tend to see things from a wider perspective.

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