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Neither. To guys girls are confusing. Just as to girls, guys are confusing.

Guys and girls come at problems and situations from different directions, using different processes.

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Q: Is it true that guys just call girls confusing because they are sad that they do not have the special qualities of girls?
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Are girls better then boys or are boys better then girls?

Girls are WAY WAY WAY BETTER then boys

How do girls mature?

Girls mature as boys do by going through puberty. However, girls usually mature two years earlier than boys, perhaps in part due to menstrual cycles.

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Why do boys stare at girls a lot?

Because they are admiring their feminine qualities.

Why are girls confusing?

Girls can be confusing for many reasons. 1) The girl may not be aware that she is confusing you 2) The girl may not know what she wants JUST TALK TO THE GIRL AND CLARIFY THINGS, that's what I would want a guy that I am confusing to do

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None girls suck because girls rule and boys suck like toads alright they have to have the baby imagine if boys did aw aw(=

Why are girls so confusing why can't they just tell you that they like you instead of messing with your mind?

because to us girls we don't think we are confusing, we think boys are confusing. if you want to find out if she likes you ask here. that's the best way to find out. if you want to do it a more 'girl way' ask around what she thinks about you or if she is interestined in anyone then ask her.

Why are guys so confusing and clueless?

Because they're guys, and God made them that way. No, seriously, they don't want to make a commitment until they know they have found the right girl that they are going to be with forever. Guys hate making comittments, it's just not for them. Girls make comittments way more often than guys. I guess the real point I am trying to get at is guys are so confusing because they just are. There is no real answer to why guys are so confusing, like I said before, God made them that way and guys aren't the only ones who are confusing, girls are too. Girls are way more confusing than you would think. And clueless? I am clueless about the clueless part. I guess girls are as clueless as guys are if you really think about it.

Can a boy call a girl as buddy?

yes we can because some girls has some equal qualities as boys na

How do girls test boys?

girls always judge dumped qualities in boys...who hav these than she fall in love with tht person...its reality girls can never test a boys good qualities..they always try to find out those qualities which dump themselfzzz.

Why are girls so confusing?

Girls. Girls are confusing, because we, unlike guys, aren't simple. We always try to improve on EVERYTHING, and make the best it can be. Homeowrk, projects. But most guys don't care about that. They wonder why girls are so confusing in relationships. We girls...we like it if the relationship is filled with fun, or action. No girl wants to be in a boring, lousy relationship. So we girls try to spice it up a bit, add some drama. You guys may not understand this reasoning, but its true. so LISTEN UP, MALES OF THE EARTH!! If you find a girl confusing, its either because she's finding things to be a little....blah, or she's challenged, or she just likes to be confusing. Try to understand guys. If you're wondering why a girl is so confusing in a relationship, do something. Take her out to a movie, go shopping with her (MAJOR POINTS), just do something! girls are also constantly trying to analyze boys words, or we try to figure out what or how they feel about us. we sometimes over react and play hard to get, but that's just cause we like you. if your girlfriend is being a little confusing, just ask her, or maybe its time to say goodbye.

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Because boys have special parts that girls don't have.

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Cause we can talk and think for ourselves. and because we girls want our special day to be SPECIAL. :D

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there nerve cells are stimulated more than the boys because of special sense of touch.

What type of mind games do girls play with boys when they like them?

Usually girls will flirt. It depends on the girl though. In flirting girls use it to there personality. For example, I have a sarcastic humor, I will use sarcasm to flirt. To most people the other sex is another species, girls can be very confusing. Most girls will end up confusing you in the end. I hope this answers your question!

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