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It depends by what you mean "back then". In the Indian times people would use almost anything for transportation and trading. So that might help you. The also could have used trains for hearding animals.

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Q: What were trains used for back then?
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Why was coal used for boats and trains?

It was used to fuel their steam engines, which was their method of locomotion back then.

What were diese trains used for?

Diesel trains are used for freight and sometimes they're used for passenger trains.

What does passenger trains used for?

Passenger trains are used to transport passengers.

Can trains go backwards?

Yes Most trains are symmetrical, they have no "front" and "back".

What trains were used in the 1860s?

steam engine trains.

What was travel like in the 1800s?

Travel was slow back then. People used horses and buggies. Trains were also available to some. Boats could also be used.

Why are underground trains noisy?

All trains are noisy. Underground trains sound noisier because the tunnel reflects the noise back.

Why is coal no longer used in trains?

Coal is still used in many steam engines today. Coal is not used on diesel trains or electric trains simply because it is not fuel for them. Electric trains and diesel trains are the most common trains in use, and not trains capable of using coal, because they are more efficent and much less costly to maintain.

What kind of trains are used in Japan's subway?

Japanese Trains

What did they use back in the past when there where no airplanes?

Depending on the time period, they used trains over land, and ships over water.

How was water carried to kalgoorlie before the pipeline was built?

Camel trains were the best use though they also used steam trains way back in the olden days. Camel trains took over 5 days to reach kalgoorlie and Coolgardie then they had to keep going back and forth every time; they did eventually work out shifts for everyone.

Why don't commuters use trains?

why commuters don't used the trains