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According to Hinduism, Vishnu is the god of protection.

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Q: According to Hinduism Vishnu is the God of?
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Who is the preserver of the world according to Hinduism?

Vishnu is the preserver of Hinduism.He is also a part of the Trimurti.

What is the importance of Vishnu in Hinduism?

The Hindu God Vishnu is the supreme being in the religion of Hinduism. He is the master of all and is described in this way in Hindu sacred texts and writings.

What is Hinduism diety?

Hinduism has many God & Goddess . But main God is Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma. This is known as the main trinity of Hinduism.

Who is the holy god of Hinduism?

Hinduism's main god can be called Brahman, Vishnu, Shiva, Kali, Atman,....there are many names for God (capital G).that is so right and i love that answer

What is vishu in hindiusm?

Hinduism has Trinity concept. Vishnu the sustainer Shiva the destroyer Brahma the creator Vishnu is an important god among three.

Who are the three most worshiped gods in Hinduism?

most worshipped god in Hinduism are known as holy trinity in Hinduism. they are Lordshiva Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu.

What three gods are in the holy trinity of Hinduism?

1. Brahma(the god of creation of the world), 2. Vishnu(the god of preservation of the world) 3. Shiva(the god of destruction of the world

In which religion are Vishnu and Shiva central figures?

Vishnu and Shiva are central figures in Hinduism.

What roles does Shaiva and Vishnu and Brahma in Hindu deities?

Lord shiva Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma are the main God of Hinduism. They together from trinity to sustain life.

What is the Hindu holy trinity?

The central Hindu deity is Brahma, the god of creation and birth. Brahma's two godly avatars are Vishnu, the god of preservation, and Shiva, the god of destruction. Together, they form the Hindu trinity (trimurti) that deals with the salvation of the human soul.

What is the name for the main Hindu god?

There are three main God in Hinduism. Their names are Lord Shiva Lord Vishnu & Lord Brahma.

Why does Hinduism present thousends of forms for the same god?

In hinduism god is one he is called supreme god. some also believe in theory of incarnation (avatāra). according to this theory supreme god took different forms to save humanity and was known as different names. thus hinduism is monotheistic. there are main 3 god in hindu. this trinity is made up of lord shiva lord vishnu and lord brahma.